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The Different Extension Roof Types June 30, 2022


If you are extending your home, you need to understand that roof shapes and sizes vary in a lot of ways. And factors like your home structure and local planning rules and regulations influence the shape and type of roof that you are allowed to install for your home extension. In this blog, we listed the different extension roof types to guide you in your roof extension selection.

Gable Roof

One of the simplest styles when it comes to extension roofs, the gable roof has an inverted “V” shape feature. And like any other type of roof extension, it can withstand any weather conditions, especially rain and snow. However, if your location is prone to high winds like if your property is situated on high land, you must weigh your options carefully because this type of roof is susceptible to strong winds. If a gable roof is your top choice, you also must double-check the existing roof regulations in your area to avoid running into difficulty concerning roof planning permission. Overall, this type of roof extension is very low maintenance.

Hipped Roof

A hipped roof has downward slope features on all four sides of the roof which resembles a pyramid. They are mostly chosen for houses with square and rectangular designs. This type of roof extension is perfect for handling high winds and strong storms since they are very sturdy and reliable.

Flat Roof

With a little incline for water runoff, a flat roof extension does not have a fully flat surface. This is the major drawback of this type of roof extension, the possible accumulation of water and the required maintenance and upkeep in the long run. Thus, you will have to deal with potential roof leaks in the future. However, flat roof extensions are a good choice for homeowners. Especially for those homeowners with budget constraints. Since this extension roof type is easier to build and maintain.

Skillion Roof

They almost resemble a flat roof but with more pitch. This type of roof extension is most popularly used in many homes in Melbourne and the whole of Australia. They offer a lot of advantages and are a lot cheaper and easier to construct compared to some roof extension types. Unlike the flat roof extension type, you won’t have to worry about water run-off and accumulation.

Gambrel Roof

Also called “barn roofs”, this type of roof is ideal for barns and agricultural structures since they are not suitable for areas with heavy winds. But they are suitable for huge living spaces and provide more room for loft and attic space.

Mansard Roof

It is a four-sided gambrel roof and a cross between a gable roof and a hipped roof. It is a popular option for those homeowners who would like to maximise their interior space.Nevertheless, this type of roof extension requires a professional roof installer since the building process is more tricky and more complex to construct. But the big upshot of this roof type is they are a type of extension itself which you can add another storey.

If you are looking for a reliable roofing specialist that you can trust when it comes to your roofing needs, call us at Ajax Gregson Tiles and our professional re-roofing specialists will be happy to assist you.


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