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Terracotta Roof Tiles: External Colours that Complement Your Melbourne Home's Overall DesignDecember 2, 2019


Terracotta has been highly revered for centuries as a durable, attractive construction material. This holds true even more so today, thanks to the quality of terracotta roof tiles. Not only is this due to the company’s manufacturing methods and materials, but it is also because of the colour offerings that are long-lasting. When you choose this company’s terracotta roofing tiles, you will be able to choose external colours that complement your Melbourne house’s overall design favourably. While your colour choices vary between the profiles that offers you in its terracotta roofing tiles, all the shades are fade-proof throughout the life of the tiles.

Each Profile Offers Its Own Selection of Colours

The terracotta tiles from come in the following five profiles and each one offers unique colour assortments:

• French profile offers an eye-catching two-valley design that gives your roof a unique texture and flow. It comes in 19 shades.
• Shingle profile is flat and minimalist in design and complements a wide assortment of house styles. This profile comes in 10 colours.
• Artline profile is made up of numerous peaks and valleys. You can choose from eight colours with this profile.
• Wave profile offers a slightly rippled effect to your roof with its texture. There are eight colours available in this profile.
• Swiss profile creates a Mediterranean-style roof but also is ideal for modern-style homes. Six colours are available in the Swiss profile of the terracotta tiles.

Terracotta Tiles are Kiln Fired

The colours are permanent in these terracotta tiles due to the fact that the tiles are fired in a kiln at high temperature. This process makes the colour part of the tiles’ makeup instead of just a coating. Also, this process produces both gloss and matt finishes. With quality materials and workmanship along with this firing process, provides a 50-year warranty on all of its terracotta roofing tiles.

Examples of the Colours that are Available in Terracotta Tiles

• Autumn Leaf is a rich, warm brown.
• Eclipse is a matt black.
• Mahogany is the same as the timber of the same name.
• Shingle Asphalt is a medium gray.
• Artline Fossil Satin is a muted brown.
• Wave Bluestone Satin is a deep, navy blue.
• Sunset Red is a rich orange similar to what you will see in a sunset and thus, the name.

Note: Check each profile to view all the colours that are available.

Rely on our company, Ajax Gregson Tiles, for your terracotta roof tiles and other roofing needs. We specialise in these tiles along with re-roofing and roofing services. On top of the warranty, you will receive a guarantee on our workmanship and other materials.

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