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Re-roofing Advantages and When Should You Get Rid Of Your Old Roof Tiles?December 8, 2015


In areas where the roof leaks and cracking is evidently seen, these are classic signs that something is really wrong with you home’s roof. Ultimately, a damaged roof spells danger, and something should be done to fix it as soon as possible. After all, who would want to put their family in danger? Sometimes, instead of repairing individuals roofing tiles, re-roofing is necessary to restore the integrity of your home.

Unfortunately, many homeowners have discovered damaged roofing tile and shingles too late. Wouldn’t it be great, if you can judge well in advance when it is the right time to get rid of the old roofing, instead of unexpectedly needing to re-roof your home? Well, there is a way you can avoid being unexpectedly surprised to find you need to re-roof your home, and that is by having your roof inspected at least once a year.

Visible Signs of Damage - Need Re-roofing?

While it would be ideal to inspect your roof every three or four months, especially after bad weather, at least once or twice a year is advised. Why is that? Roofing professional will look for signs of cracking in the shingles or tiles of your roof, and then inspect the bottom of your roof for any water damage. That way you know the health of your roof, no expected surprises.

If some areas need repairing, you can do it immediately and not let it grow into a large expensive problem later on. In this way, roof inspections can prevent the need to re-roof your home.

Don’t Dismiss Water Drops Coming From Your Ceiling

Many homeowners dismiss little drops of water as something that is expected to happen when it pours heavily. However, you need to understand that even a few drop of water leaking every now and then can cause serious roof damage that can, and do, destroy roofs. The best thing to do in this situation is to locate the cause of the leak, and then contact a professional roofing company to fix any damage.

The good news is that many roofing contractors will actually come out to your home and give a free roof inspection, the good ones at least. It’s actually a great way to impress homeowners, and eventually, every property manager and homeowners will need the services of a roofing expert anyway. It’s a real ‘win-win’ scenario.

Most folks avoid thinking about their roof’s condition, why is that? Because, most first time property owners aren’t aware yet, about the importance of yearly roof inspections, and how it can save money by preventing the need to re-roof or repair their roof.

However, what are the re-roofing advantages and when should you get rid of your old roof tiles? That is actually a good question that has a great answer. The advantages are easy to understand, it is when you have a roof that is damaged or old, and you keep having to repair it. If you re-roof it, then it may be cheaper than continually pouring your money down the drain in constant repair costs. A roofing professional can determine if your roof needs to be either repaired or re-roofed.

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