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Are Concrete Roof Tiles Fireproof?December 6, 2016


Choosing the right roofing material is important for many obvious reasons, such as it affects the strength, durability, temperature, waterproofing and even fireproofing of a house. However, different roofing materials offer various qualities, so it is almost impossible to get the best of every aspect in one type of material, and that is exactly why homeowners need to weigh their choices wisely.

Concrete is one of the most popular roof tiling options, and if you are preparing to re-roof your home, it is definitely a roofing material to consider when you consider some of its characteristics, mainly that it is fireproof.

Concrete Roof Tiles and Fireproofing

If roofing experts have to choose one material from the list of asphalt, wood shingles, metal sheets, and concrete tiles, specifically for fireproofing, they will all recommend concrete roofing. Concrete does not catch on fire, and heat does not harm it because concrete is noncombustible and falls under class A fireproofing material. This means that insurance rates are lower because your house is safer. This is just one of the reasons that so many modern homes use concrete tiles today as the roofing material of choice.

Concrete roof tiles provide superior protection against potential fire hazards such as lightning strikes, stray fireworks, embers from chimney fires, and electrical sparks from wiring.

Other Benefits

Concrete roof tiles are not just fireproof, they have many other benefits that make them an ideal roofing material in Australia, here are some of them.

Low Maintenance: Unlike asphalt, wood, and even metal roofing which require more maintenance and are prone to frequent damage, concrete withstands all weather conditions because of it’s hardy nature and does not require frequent maintenance, apart from regular cleaning.

UV Protection: Does your roof also need protection from ultraviolet rays? Modern concrete tiles come with a ceramic granule coating, which protects the top layer from UV and environmental damage. This increases the life of the roof and also ensures that the thermal performance of your home is above standard.

Design & Colour: Concrete tiles do not have to be drab and boring because manufacturers today offer concrete roof tiles in different shapes, and, with a wide selection of quality roof paints and cement additives, colour retention outlasts any other roofing material.

Fireproof, hardy, and aesthetically pleasing, concrete roof tile are the perfect choice for any roofing project. For more information, please contact Ajax Gregson Tiles for new roofs, re-roofing and roof repairs of concrete tiles, with over 15 years of experience in the industry, we are a company you can trust with your roofing needs.

If you want to invest in high quality roofing tiles that will last you for decades to come, and that look great, then visit us here at Ajax Gregson Tiles, we can help you find the right roofing material that best suits your home.

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