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Save the Cost of Buying a New Roof
with Roof RestorationDec 4, 2014

Considering roof restoration is not something homeowners get excited about, but these days it is a much sought after service. Having a dependable roof over your head is one of the most important things in life, but like every other tangible thing, it deteriorates over a period of time Read more

change roof

Reroofing: Better now than laterNov 10, 2014

When it comes to roofing, there is a singular dilemma that most homeowners face. What is that? Prefabricated roofing is nothing compared to customized or specialized roofing and it is not always guaranteed to last or endure for prolonged periods. Read more

brown roof

Is concrete roofing safe?Oct 24, 2014

Buildings in urban communities tend to promote buildings with concrete roofs. It makes sense if you think about the strength that concrete posses. Read more

roof colors

Choosing roof colours to compliment your
home’s surrounding – things to consider.Oct 7, 2014

Picking a roof color is not as easy as it sounds. A few things have to be considered when choosing roof colors to compliment your home’s surroundings. Read more

strong roof

Roofing Material as Strong as FlooringSept 16, 2014

In the old days, roofs were made of hardy wooden planks, planks that were also commonly used in flooring, and they were made to last for many years Read more

blue roof

Custom Designed Roofs?Sept 12, 2014

Roofs are one of the most important parts that comprise the whole of a building or structure. Aside from the foundations and walls, which keep buildings stable and standing, the roof keeps water and heat out Read more


Looking for high quality roofing;
try terra cotta tile roofing solutionsAug 11, 2014

If you want to maintain your home’s aesthetic appearance, then choosing a roofing material that can endure the test-of-time is vital. That is exactly what terracotta roof tiles can offer Read more


Roofing system: Difference between
lapped ridge and A-line ridgeJuly 23, 2014

Visually the differences between lapped ridge and A Line ridge roofing is that the lapped is just as it sounds, falling lapped one over the other in a side stair type fashion where A Line’s seems meet smoothly allowing it to fit together to make one long fluid line Read more


How Do I Choose the Best Commercial
Roofing Contractor?July 9, 2014

If you are thinking to yourself “how do I choose the best commercial roofing contractor?” then you will find the information here very helpful in steering you in the right direction  Read more


Roof Repairs: What steps are involved
in rebed and pointing? May 28, 2014

Over time your roof will see capping damages and have to be rebedded and or repointed as the cement becomes brittle. This is due to exposure, and little can be done to prevent this natural process …  Read more


Your guide to reroofing your home May 6, 2014

Whether you are a home owner, looking to see or you are considering purchasing a home that needs repairs you can find yourself overwhelmed with a lot of decisions that must be made …  Read more


Proper Ventilation for your Roof April 28, 2014

Whenever you set up plans to build a new structure, whether it’s a home or a stand-alone business establishment, you definitely need to have proper roofing on top of it …  Read more


Choosing the Right Roofing Contractor April 3, 2014

Whether a storm is about to set in or extreme hot weather is about to happen, almost instantly, the part of the house that you start to be conscious about is the roof…  Read more

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