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Are Concrete Roof Tiles Fireproof?December 6, 2016

Choosing the right roofing material is important for many obvious reasons, such as it affects the strength, durability, temperature, waterproofing and even fireproofing of a house. However, different roofing materials offer various qualities, so it is almost impossible to get the best of every aspect in one type of material, and that is exactly why homeowners need to weigh their choices wisely. Read more


Why Should You Consider Using Roof Tiles than Asphalt Shingles?December 1, 2016

Whether it is a roof for a new home or for an extension, cost is always a consideration when choosing a roofing material. While asphalt shingles are an attractive option because of the price, the material you chose for the roof should be of the highest quality possible. The reasons for this are obvious as the roofing type you choose will have an effect on your property’s value, but more importantly on the level of protection it will provide to your home. Read more


Waterproofing Your Concrete Roof Tiles November 17, 2016

As of late, there has been a noticeable increase in the number of professional companies who offer to coat, waterproof and seal concrete roofing tiles. But it stands to good reasons why these services are offered. In fact, there are numerous benefits to waterproofing your concrete roof tiles. Read more


The Pros and Cons of Painting Terracotta Roof TilesNovember 4, 2016

Terracotta roof tiles are created from clay and fired with a glaze to provide a long-lasting, protective finish that contains an attractive sheen. Once the firing is complete, these tiles will withstand years of weather exposure when professionals properly install them on a roof. When a terracotta roof is new, there is no need for other enhancements such as paint, but over time, the tiles may develop mould and stains from dirt and other debris. Read more


Concrete Roof Tiles: Your Answer to Energy Efficient RoofingOctober 21, 2016

Anyone who owns a home can tell you that keeping a house cool inside, while it is hot outside, is very important, just as much as maintaining an affordable monthly electric bill is. Thankfully, for home owners, there is a way to cool the home and at the same time save money off utility bills generated by cooling and heating the interior, by using concrete roof tiles. Read more


Hiring a Roofing Contractor versus DIY Job in Roofing and Re-RoofingOctober 7, 2016

Owning a home comes with much responsibilities, such as maintaining its structure and roof, basically, this is done to make sure that a property’s value does not depreciate with age. While there are many areas of a home that can be improved, inevitably, repairs will have to be made, somewhere. Read more


Matching your Roof with your Home Exterior DesignSeptember 21, 2016

Whether it is time to reroof your home, or when planning for new home construction, matching your roof with your home exterior design is something to seriously consider, especially if you want to increase your property’s curb appeal. Read more

roof tile

The Importance of Roof Tile Maintenance and PreservationSeptember 7, 2016

Homes are ever-changing, building designs, materials used in the construction of homes, and the types of roofs. While some tried and tested roofing materials of the past, such as wood shingles and metal roofing, have remained popular, concrete tile roofing has become the known ‘best’ type of roofing material, for many reasons. Read more


Advantages of Roof Tiles against Harsh Weather ConditionsAugust 18, 2016

When in search of the ideal materials to provide your home's roof with adequate protection, no matter what the weather conditions are, you need to consider the advantages of roof tiles of concrete or terra cotta. Tiles such as these are stylish, come in a variety of colours and are highly durable throughout the years.Read more

leaky roof

Common Leaky Roof Causes and Why Should You Switch To Terracotta and Concrete TilesAugust 4, 2016

A leaky roof is not a good thing, it is the most notorious culprit of unexpected roof repairs costs for ‘most’ roofing materials, but not for Terracotta and concrete tiles because these have qualities most roofing materials do not. Read more


Roof Damage Assessment: Repairs and Inspection for Re-Roofing PurposesJuly 25, 2016

For home owners who have never had to consider re-roofing before, there are many common sense questions to ask, especially when the roof is showing signs of wear, or when it begins to leak caused by some physical damage to it. Read more

roof problem

Most Common Roof Tile Problems That Needs To Be Fixed ImmediatelyJuly 12, 2016

Even though roof tiles are specially designed and installed in layers, to effectively keep the water and elements out of homes and buildings of all sizes, there are common roof tile problems that when discovered need to be fixed immediately. Read more

re roofing

Melbourne Roofing Specialist: Tile Roofing and Re-roofingJune 23, 2016

If you are looking for a Melbourne roofing specialist, one that you can rely on to provide quality tile roofing and re-roofing services, then you will be relieved to find us here at Ajax Gregson Tiles. We are a friendly, family run business, and we know exactly how important homes are to people, and that has helped us grow our business. Read more


Roofing Specialist in Melbourne: New Roofs, Re-roofing and Colour ChoicesMay 30, 2016

Successfully establishing street appeal for your home is not an easy task. Whether you are building a new home or renovating an existing one, choosing the roofing type and style is one of the most important parts of the process. Read more

dark tiles

Quality of Roofing Tiles Add Value to Your Home When You Need To SellMay 13, 2016

When you think about the roofing on your home, the usual first concern is just safety. However, quality roofing is closely associated to the resale estate value too. Think about it, roofing in good condition is always more desirable to buyers for many reasons. Read more


What New Homeowners Should Know About the Quality of Their Roofing TilesApil 22, 2016

If you are in the process of building a new house, or you are taking the possession of an existing home and you want to re-roof it, there are a few basics concerns to cover in regards to the quality of the roofing tiles to use. Read more


Risk Factors When You Don't Hire a Professional Roofer for Your Re-Roofing NeedsApil 8, 2016

Do you need repairs and maintenance for your roof? Most people do, once in a while. When apparently small repairs look like the need doing, it is tempting to hire 'someone' with some roofing experience to make those repairs, reasoning that it would be cheaper than hiring a professional roofer. Read more

common roof problems

Common Metal Roof Problems and Why You Should Switch to Tile and Concrete RoofingMarch 22, 2016

Thanks to the innovations of modernity, notable varieties of roofing materials have become standardised and more accessible to the general public. Today, metal roofs are used more and more, because of their affordability, availability and ease of installation. Read more


Why Roof Tiles Makes a Huge Difference in Roofing Solutions?March 8, 2016

If you’re looking for a great way to beautify your home, improve the overall hardiness and weather-proofing of your home or other property, then consider investing in high quality roof tiles. While there are obviously other considerably cheaper options, when considering roofing materials, there are some that are truly better, such as high-quality roof tiles.Read more

double roof

Saving Unwanted Expenses in Roofing When You Choose Durable Roof TilesFebruary 17, 2016

When installing a roof on an old or a new home, it is important to save on unwanted expenses for the process. You just should pay for a quality roof the first time around, and this will eliminate the need for surprise issues or problems that cost additional funds to repair to your satisfaction. Read more

yellow house

Tips in Choosing The Best Roof Tile For Your Home ExtensionJanuary 12, 2016

Roofing tiles are the latest trend in home improvement and for good reason – roofing tiles are hardy, elegant, and long-lasting. Roofing tiles have had a long reputation of being one of the most reliable roofing materials ever made, in fact, it use goes as far back as the time of the Mesopotamians and Ancient Egyptians. Read more

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