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Linea Concrete Roof Tiles: A Cost-Effective Alternative for the Traditional Slate ShinglesDecember 13, 2019


If you love the look of a roof composed of the traditional slate shingles but cannot afford the price of this roofing material, you need to consider the attributes of the Linea concrete roof tiles. These tiles provide a unique look to any roof regardless of the house’s style. Also, this look mimics that of slate and at a lower cost. On top of all this, these concrete tiles have superior resiliency against such things as impacts from falling tree branches in comparison to slate tiles. Read on to learn additional facts about the Linea concrete roofing tiles from Boral.

Linea Roof Tiles Are Made of Quality Concrete

Linea roofing tiles contain quality, durable concrete. Since concrete keeps hardening through the years, these tiles get stronger as time goes by instead of weaker.

The Colour of  Linea Roofing Tiles Is Not Just a Surface Coating

The colour of Linea and other concrete tiles penetrate the entire body of the tiles. They are not just a coating on the surface. By doing this, the company ensures that the colours will not fade, peel or deteriorate over the life of the tiles.

Linea Roof Tiles from Are Budget-Friendly

Another advantage of installing these tiles on your roof is that they are a cost-effective substitute for the traditional slate shingles. You also will receive a roof that just as an attractive roof as the slate offers.

Issues a 20-Year Warranty for All Its Concrete Tiles Since They Are Highly Durable

You will receive a 20-year warranty on the Linea concrete tiles because they are durable in all sorts of situations, including the following:

• Impact-resistant to fallen branches and hail
• Fire-resistant and safe to use in bushfire locations
• Resistant to damage from salt spray from marine areas
• Since these tiles are frost-resistant, they do not suffer damage during freezing weather
• Linea concrete roofing tiles do not blow off easily in strong winds

Other Attributes of the Linea Concrete Tiles

1. Available in Charcoal Grey that complements most houses

2. Effective thermal performance that helps maintain the interior house temperature at the desired level all throughout the year

3. A roof with these tiles dampens outdoor noise to create a quieter interior atmosphere.

4. Linea tiles require low maintenance since they do not corrode or rust.

Turn to Ajax Gregson Tiles to learn additional facts about why Linea concrete roof tiles are a cost-effective alternative for traditional slate shingle tiles. We are an authorised dealer and installer for roofing tiles.

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