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How Well Do Terracotta Roof Tiles Respond to Different Weather Conditions?December 1, 2017


When discussing different roofing options, we always like to lead prospective customers to terracotta roof tiles. Terracotta roofing might bring you back in time to history class when you learned about Terracotta Soldiers buried beneath the ocean. However, despite these historical connotations the truth is that terracotta tiling has become a popular way to roof homes in Australia for decades. Terracotta tiles have a wealth of benefits for residential home owners and we will be focusing on them today. Let's look at what exactly terracotta tiling is, how they react to different weather conditions, and what the terracotta tiles can do for you today!

Terracotta Tiling - What is it?

Here ta Ajax Gregson Tiles we like to keep our customers as informed as possible. So, when we talk about terracotta tiling we want to make sure you all understand what it is. Terracotta is Italian for the phrase 'baked-earth' which is a reference to how these tiles are made from clay. These clay tiles are porous of body and fired to make their texture. You can go back through the annals of history to see that terracotta has played a vital role in the roofing of civilisations all around the world. Now that we know a little more about terracotta roofing, let's see how it handles various weather conditions!

Terracotta Roofing - Weather Reactions

When you start shopping for your next roof, you are obviously going to be looking for something that is both attractive and durable. In Australia, you are going to need roofing that can withstand some pretty crazy weather conditions. When your home is under siege from the weather, be it hot or pouring rain, you want to know that everything will stay nice and safe on the inside. Let's look at a few specific ways these clay tiles can benefit your home in the event of extreme weather.

Mild Moisture - When looking at roofing materials you want to pay attention to the absorption rate. A high absorption rate means that you have increased chances for mildew and mould. Fortunately, terracotta roofing tiles are low in absorption and thus don't tend to have these issues.

Heavy Rain - When terracotta, or clay, tiles are properly sealed by a professional roofing company, we find that they are incredibly reliable. If you are in a high-moisture area, such as a place with heavy rain or a lot of snow, make sure to seal off your roof after it is installed.

Hail & Wind - Be it rain or hail, clay tiles can take a beating from the weather elements. Clay tiles can last upwards of 100 years with proper maintenance which means you can rest easy at night.

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