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Roofing Products: The Beauty Praised by Roofing ContractorsDecember 2, 2022


Although the average person cannot identify the brands of the products on a roof by looking up at it, luxury and durability appear in roofs that frequently last for generations. Certain characteristics may indicate that a roof is made with excellent shingles or tiles rather than merely standard fare. Such characteristics can include the colour's depth and durability, the shingle's thickness or quality, or how it enhances a great house or premier company. These characteristics of that a roofing contractor and a property owner can anticipate.

Composite Roof Tiles by Boral

Compared to more expensive natural materials, composite tile is an excellent substitute. A composite material made of fibreglass, asphalt, recycled plastic, and other eco-friendly components is frequently used to resemble slate and cedar shake shingles. Compared to genuine slate or cedar split shake, composite roofing tiles are designed to be lighter, stronger, and more inexpensive. Composite tiles can be shaped to replicate a natural material or practically any desired texture. There are also countless colour options available. Roofing contractors and property owners can pick a colour that suits their preferences thanks to Boral's vast selection of composite tile hues.

Concrete Roof Tiles by Boral

The Vista Collection of concrete tiles from is another excellent illustration of the company's commitment to superior quality. The newest concrete profile from Boral, Saxony Country Slate, exhibits a "luxury flair" and is offered in five colours to harmonise with Melbourne residences. A Limited Lifetime Warranty is also included with the concrete roof tiles from Boral.

Clay | Ceramic | Spanish Tiles by Boral

This 75-year-old company, which has significant operations in other nations, offers a selection of trendy colours and profiles in each of the Roofing product categories as well as in locations throughout Australia. Particularly those made by Boral, clay roofing tiles offer the highest levels of sustainability and craftsmanship. Rick Hackett, product manager for all product lines, stated, "Boral's clay roofing solutions offer Class A Fire Protection, protecting from weather and forest fires. Products from the region also include Class 3 and 4 hail protection. These scores show resilience, which is crucial in regions with extreme climatic fluctuations, including heat, wind, rain, and hail.

Metal Roof Shingles by Boral 

The 1800s saw the introduction of copper as the first type of metal roofing in Australia. By the middle of the 1800s, metal roofing had become widely used thanks to the concept of galvanising metal panels with zinc to prevent rust. However, a very recent development is a metal roofing material with the classic appearance of high-barrel Spanish tiles, cedar shingles, or shake shingles.

Since each roofing material is installed differently, Roofing offers installation techniques and guidance for all its roofing materials. Recently, inaugurated its online showroom, demonstrating once more how they like to remain ahead of the competition and set the best standards for product display and manufacturing.

If you are interested in using this amazing tile roofing material, get in touch with us at Ajax Gregson Tiles. We are an authorised roofing specialist that employs only highly skilled licensed tradespeople. Contact us to request a quote today!


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