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The 10-Step Re-Roofing Process of Ajax Gregson Tiles and Its BenefitsJune 14, 2022


If you have been wondering how Ajax Gregson Tiles perform their re-roofing process and how they make sure that it is performed extremely efficient and done right the first time, here is an overview of the 10-step re-roofing process of Ajax Gregson tiles as well as its benefits.

  1. Installation of Guardrail

First things first, safety must be put in place. Like any other complex work, safety must be a priority. And re-roofing process is no different, it must also adhere to such protocol as an initial step. So, before commencing with the re-roofing process, a guardrail must be installed together with the ladder for safe access to the roof.

  1. Removal of Ridge and Old Roof Tiles

After the guardrail installation is done and already inspected for safety, the second step to take would be the removal of the ridge and old tiles from the roof to prepare it for the next steps. The entire roof must be cleared from the old roof tiles and metal sheets for easy inspection of the roof timbers.

  1. Inspection of the Roof Timbers

The third step is the inspection of roof timbers. This is one of the important steps that should not be neglected. It plays a vital role in ensuring that the roof is still in good structural condition and there are no signs of broken timber components because these can serve as a warning sign that the structure of the roof is probably deteriorating.

  1. Installation of Sarking

After ensuring that the roof structure is still in good structural condition, we now proceed to sarking installation underneath the roof. Installation of sarking involves two stages. Sarking installation as the initial stage, though not compulsory, is essentially recommended to protect your home from extreme weather.

  1. Installation of New Battens

This is one of the two stages of sarking installation, which is an equally important step of the re-roofing process.The laying of battensstage is done to offer a layer of air between the sarking and the roof, and as a result, provides enough insulation and ventilation.

  1. Sending Up of New Roof Tiles Through a Conveyor System

When the sarking and battens are already installed, it is now the time to load up the new tiles to the conveyor system or an elevator belt to be sent up to the roof for the commencement of the tile installation process.

  1. Laying of New Tiles and Securing Them

Now, the laying of new tiles secured by nails and clips, starting from the gutter line up to the top in a sequential manner.

  1. Installation of Ridge Tiles

The next process is the installation of ridge tiles to seal the top of the roof by spreading a bead of mortar on the end and along each side of the newly installed ridge and in line with the edges of a tile.

  1. Pointing

Second to the last of the re-roofing process of Ajax Gregson Tiles is the pointing. Pointing is a coloured mechanical fastener to keep the ridge in place and covers the mortar to match the roof tile.

  1. Finishing

The final step of the re-roofing process is the cleaning of the site and removal of the guard rail.

If you are looking for a reliable re-roofing specialist that you can trust when it comes to your roofing needs, call us at Ajax Gregson Tiles and our professional re-roofing specialists will be happy to assist you.

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