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Roof Damage Assessment: Repairs and Inspection for Re-Roofing PurposesJuly 25, 2016


For home owners who have never had to consider re-roofing before, there are many common sense questions to ask, especially when the roof is showing signs of wear, or when it begins to leak caused by some physical damage to it. However, asking the right type of questions can save you not only money, but can save the excessive worrying that comes from lack of knowing whether you need your roof repaired, or re-roofing is needed.

Roof Damage Assessment Answers any Pertinent Unasked Questions

There are countless situations that can cause harm to a roof, from outside and inside the home. Outside the home, a roof can suffer physical damage from trees and branches falling on it, people with no roofing experience can damage the roof when they walk on it, and wear-and-tear from years under the sun and exposure to harsh weather can also physical damage a roof, not to mention a faulty gutter system.

While physical damage to a roof is not uncommon, neither is the build-up of mould and mildew under the roof, as well as water damage to the foundational frame of the roof and to interior walls. All can cost a lot of money in repairs, especially if any damage goes unnoticed for a length of time. Unfortunately, a time does come when re-roofing a home is necessary, but it is best to know in advance, rather than find out during an emergency.

Thankfully, there is a way to discover if your roof actually needs re-roofing, or just some minor repairs, and that is by having a roof damage assessment conducted by a reputable roofing company, just like Ajax Gregson Tiles.

Ajax Gregson Tiles Offers Repairs and Inspection for Re-Roofing Purposes

The single most important aspect of a home that needs to be secured is the roof, second to the building’s foundation, as the roof protects the whole of the home and all the things within. It just makes sense to have a roof damage assessment conducted, whether it was damaged physically or not. The reason is simple, to discover if there are any underlining problems developing that are not plainly seen to the untrained eye.

At Ajax Gregson Tiles, we understand home owners and their concerns about the condition of their roofs. So, when it does come time for roof repairs, our roof specialist can determine the best course of action to take. There are times when a roof can be repaired rather than re-roofed, and then there are times when a roof should have been re-roofed instead of repaired, whatever the case, after a roof is thoroughly inspected, then home owners will know exactly the health of their roof, and you will too.

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