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How Do Weather Conditions Affect Roof Tiles?April 12, 2023


Our roof tiles’ role in protecting our homes from the elements is one we frequently take for granted. When a storm is approaching, it may be at the top of our minds, but most homeowners frequently overlook their roof tiles unless there is evident damage, especially when it interferes with everyday life. However, roof damage can develop gradually and frequently goes undiscovered. This post gives a quick overview of how some of Australia's most common and damaging weather elements might affect your tile roofing system.

Water & Rain Damage

One of the most frequent causes of roof damage is rain. This is only accurate if some issues and damages have not yet been fixed. Leaks are one of the roof issues that are easiest to spot because they are brought on by too much water gathering and then seeping into the building. Like overflowing drains, blocked and inefficient gutters can let water into the house, flow down the external walls, and enter the foundation. If left unattended, water damage can rust metal, cause wood to decay, and weaken your home's foundation. Therefore, it's crucial to locate the cause of leaks and fix any holes or cracks to prevent further leaks.

Windy Weather

When there are strong winds, tiles may break, crack, become loose, or even entirely separate from the roof. Additionally, shingles can be blown off, exposing your roof's thin underlayment. The corners and edges of roofs are particularly vulnerable to wind damage because of the way that wind works. In the event of a windstorm, overhanging trees frequently break and fall onto roofs, resulting in damage. Routine roof maintenance and repairs can assist in lowering the danger of wind damage by ensuring all vulnerabilities have been fixed.

Heat & High Temperatures

While the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors may increase during the warmer months, your roof may experience various issues due to the high summer temperatures. The extreme heat can make asphalt shingles more prone to curling and buckling as well as cracking and breaking. Additionally, the summertime heat can facilitate the growth and spread of unattractive mould or mildew on your roof. This is especially true if there is dirt and leaves that trap moisture. Inspecting and cleaning your roof to prevent heat damage routinely is crucial. This will guarantee that any debris is removed and any potential issues are found and dealt with.

Cold Temperatures

There is no doubting the harm that excessive cold throughout the winter may cause, even when most other places in Australia experience moderate temperatures. The likelihood of thermal shock damage rises at night when temperatures can plummet. Similar to how twigs, branches, and leaves can clog gutters, causing leaks and mould growth. Refreezing trapped moisture can result in expansion and contraction that creates cracks and holes.

Hail Damage

One of the most damaging weather phenomena is hail, with hailstones capable of seriously damaging many structures. Larger hailstones can crack tiles, break shingles, and even leave holes in your roof, while smaller hailstones will merely damage and ding your roof. Asphalt shingles are especially vulnerable to hail damage because of their fragile nature. However, hailstorms can harm any type of roof, even strong materials like metal and slate. The best approach to protect your roof from hail damage is to have it inspected and repaired frequently. This guarantees that any minor issues are resolved before they become more significant.

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