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Why is Roof Ventilation Important?January 12, 2015


Roofing is one of the most commonly overlooked aspects of home maintenance and repair, mainly because it is it a very difficult area to access, especially the attic. This is why roof ventilation is important as we will find out.

A well-constructed roof, made from top-notch materials, is almost always guaranteed to last for generations even without much maintenance – but there are exceptions to the norm. New roof construction or re-roofing projects may use second-rate building materials, in an attempt to save money, and more often than not, roofs eventually break down in less time.

Roofing materials are constantly being bombarded by sun and weather, this causes roof damage. Falling tree branches is another reason why roofs become damaged and need repairing. However, although these are external causes of roof damage, there are some internal aspects of a roof that you should be concerned about.

Roof Ventilation and Insulation

One very crucial aspect to proper roof care and maintenance is roof ventilation.

The importance of roof ventilation is something homeowners never hear about. Expert building contractors and roofing companies however, usually explain and teach their clients about roofing materials and the importance of ventilation.

It is commonly believed that roofs are ventilated enough when built, but that can be quite far from the truth. Some roofs are actually more insulated than they are ventilated. While insulation plays a crucial role in keeping a roof hardy for those wintertime months, it is nothing like proper ventilation. What are the benefits of a properly ventilated roof and why should it be an integral part of roof maintenance?

The Benefits of Roof Ventilation

Roof ventilation should be a standardised practice in all structures, and should be applied to both old structures and new ones. Among its many benefits are as follows:

Added durability – this not only means a more fortified roofing structure, but one that actually lasts longer than the roofs which lack proper ventilation. Ventilation helps by providing ample protection against things like ice and frost dam, an incident which results from the premature thawing and re-freezing of ice which can damage shingles and compromise the overall structure of standard roofing.

Increased airflow – ventilated roofs provide added airflow, which helps to keep a house cool by circulating air around. This is excellent not only in the summer months, but during wintertime too, since a lack of otherwise regular air flow can cause dampness to set in and damage wood, wiring and insulation in the attic area. Added airflow also means less dependency on air conditioning, and thus lesser electrical costs.

Moisture protection – moisture is the worst enemy of modern and traditional roofing. It causes the foundations of the roofing to rot, causing unexpected roofing repair costs. Well ventilated roofs allow warm air and natural heat to circulate properly, preventing the accumulation of moisture which causes eventual roof deterioration.

Ventilating roofs need not be applicable only to new roofs, but can also be an excellent ‘add-on’ to pre-existing roofs that have begun to show signs of ill-repair. As a general maintenance rule, always check roofs for proper ventilation and correct any troubles that may arise.

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