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Terracotta and Concrete Roof Tiles for Sustainable Home BuildingApril 26, 2017


When it comes to planning a sustainable home build, the choice of roofing material should be on the top of the list, that’s because roof tiles have the most impact on affecting a home’s energy consumption. In fact, Terracotta and concrete roof tiles are the most energy efficient roofing materials you can put on your home, according to the Australian Greenhouse Office.

Research has revealed that 39% of household energy costs are generated from cooling and heating homes, but by designing and constructing a home using Terracotta and concrete roof tiles, homeowners can significantly lower the amount of energy needed to regulate their home’s internal temperature.

The Best Sustainable Home Building Materials are Terracotta and Concrete Roof Tiles Of course, longevity is one of the areas where concrete and Terracotta roof tiles outshine other roofing materials. Basically, these last longer because they are hardier than any other type of roofing and can endure even the harshest weather conditions, and, they will not split, warp, or crack. Although, these are attractive features, it is the thermal performance of Terracotta and concrete roofing tiles that is the critical factor in limiting energy consumption.

These roofing materials are specially designed and constructed to help maintain a steady temperature inside your home, so that a minimal amount of artificial heating and cooling is needed. This dramatically reduces the overall amount of energy homeowners consume, which also reduces carbon emissions. This means less money spent on regulating internal temperature of your home because less electricity and gas is needed to maintain comfortable temperatures.

Sustainable Attributes of Terracotta and Concrete Roof Tiles

Not only do these roofing tiles have a high thermal mass that reduces energy consumption, but they are specially engineered to allow efficient airflow between the roof deck and tiles to further help regulate internal home temperatures. Also, if these every need to be replaced, they can be recycled, so that they do not have a negative effect on the environment, unlike asphalt shingles waste.

If you are considering sustainable home building, then create a more energy-efficient roof system by opting for Terracotta and concrete roofing tiles from Ajax Gregson Tiles – professional roof installers in Melbourne.

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