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Mediterranean Style Homes: Why Terracotta Tiles are the Best FitMay 1, 2019


Mediterranean architecture is renowned the world over for its unique aesthetics. One of the most noticeable traits of Mediterranean aesthetics is the reliance on terracotta as a primary material in architectural construction. Whether it is cobblestone streets or tile roofing, terracotta plays an important role in Mediterranean architecture.

In an area where raw material such as marble, shale, and granite are widely available, people wonder why Mediterranean house designs, and, subsequently, the architectural aesthetic which was inspired by them, still prefer the use of terracotta tiles over anything else. The answer to that question lays in the fact that terracotta tiles offer a bevy of benefits that most other types of tile do not possess.

Here are just some of the advantages that terracotta tiles have to offer homes:

• Affordability – terracotta is made from unglazed clay, which is an abundant material that is easy to work with and even easier to mass produce. Regardless of however it is made to look, terracotta can be slip-casted, moulded, or hand-tooled. This offers an expansive price range for the material that enables you to pick a tile that is moderately priced, without having to skimp on quality.

• Porosity – one of the reasons why terracotta tiles are so popular in the Mediterranean regions is because of its porosity. Since it is unglazed, terracotta is able to absorb the surrounding moisture from sea breezes, rain, and mist and actually trap it inside its pores during warmer seasons, allowing the tile to provide a sort of ‘cooling effect’ for the whole house.

The inverse is also true in that during colder days terracotta will collect heat and store it, which can provide additional heating for a house during colder months.

• Versatility – terracotta tiles are versatile. As previous stated, they are easily made and can be ornamented or tooled in a variety of different ways to meet any specific aesthetic need. While terracotta tiles are typically available unglazed, there are also glazed and painted varieties available.

Boral glazed and painted terracotta tiles have been highly successful in the home improvement and décor industries. So, if you are looking for a great way to reinvent your house with a Mediterranean style, or if you want to reap the benefits that terracotta tiles have to offer, then visit Ajax Gregson Tiles – the number one resource for Boral terracotta roof tiles, concrete roof tiles, roof repairs, reroofing and new roof installation.

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