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Matching Boral Roof Tile Colours with Your Overall Exterior DesignFebruary 28, 2018


When the time comes to plan a new home construction, or to reroof a home, it is important to match the roof tiles with a colour that will match its overall exterior design. When the roof matches perfectly with the exterior of your home, it increases its property value and curb appeal.

Property owners that don’t take this aspect seriously can be left with an uninviting and drab looking house that will make it more difficult to sell down the road, as attractive homes are more desirable to prospective buyers than those that aren’t as appealing. Basically, when a roof compliments a home’s exterior, and the colours match perfectly, homes are easier to sell.

Available Boral Roof Tile Colours Match any Exterior Home Design

Investing in curb appeal, whenever possible, is always a smart choice. And, the best way to do that is by adding a new roof with the right colour tiles. Boral roof tiles have a wide selection of colours to choose from, guaranteeing that just the right colour roof tiles will be available to match your home’s exterior.

When compared to other roofing materials, such as asphalt shingles, ceramic tiles, stone slates, or common concrete roof tiles, Boral roof tiles have more colours and shades available to choose from. Because of this, Boral roof tiles can match literally all exterior home design themes. The only obstacle property owners’ face is whether to choose dark colours or light colours for their roof tiles, to best match their home’s exterior.

Choosing between Light Colour and Dark Colour Roof Tiles

Many exterior home decorators prefer to choose light shades of colours for roof tiles. Especially for homes that are located in areas where it is mostly hot all year long. This is because lighter colours reflect more of the sun’s rays and help to keep homes cooler. However, when Boral roof tiles were placed under the sun, tests showed that dark colour Boral roof tiles had only a 10 degree temperature difference when compare to light colour roof tiles.

Because of these results, property owners can feel confident about choosing Boral roof tiles of darker shades of colour for their homes, and not have to worry about any increase in energy costs when cooling their homes during the summer months.

If you would like to know more about the benefits of using Boral roof tiles on your home, then please feel free to contact Ajax Gregson Tiles.

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