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Do Concrete Roof Tiles Absorb Water?November 8, 2017


There are many companies that manufacture and sell roof sealants that promise benefits for sealing roofs tiles, and selling the idea that applying sealant on roofs is a must is common. However, before sealants were invented, concrete roofs were used effectively for centuries.

So why use sealants on concrete roof tiles, do they absorb water? It is because some sealant manufacturers and enthusiastic retailers claim that concrete roof tiles can become porous, absorb water, and then eventually leak, but that is not correct. The truth is that this just doesn’t happen with modern concrete roof tiles. While it is true that decades old concrete roof tiles have become porous, but even these can keep rainwater out if they are not cracked, damaged, and properly installed?

If concrete roof tiles are laid properly on a slope surface, they will not leak or absorb water. This is even true of properly installed porous roofing material such as clay roofing tiles, as long as water does not pool on the roof and they aren’t damaged in some way, then they will not leak.

Through concrete roof tiles are considered porous, people should not refrain from considering it as an option for reroofing a home, or as new roofing. Older concrete roof tiles can be refurbished, painted and sealant applied, to fill-in hairline cracks and to make a roof look like new again, however, the costs to maintain older concrete roof tiles can be pricey. In fact, it may be a similar cost to re-roof a home with modern Boral concrete roof tiles instead of refurbishing older concrete tiles.

Benefits of Boral Roof Tiles

Boral concrete roof tiles do not absorb water. Unlike older unglazed concrete tiles that may allow the slightest permeation of moisture to seep through, Boral concrete tiles are guaranteed to be 100% waterproof, and highly resistant to cracking, chipping, or the development of hairline cracks.

Basically, Boral tiles are the perfect roofing solution, as these are not only durable and hardier than other types of roofing materials, but they will also last longer too. In fact, there is even a fifty-year warranty on the company’s roofing tiles. Boral tiles are available in an expansive range of classic colours and styles, ideally fit for any modern home aesthetics.

To learn more about the benefits of Boral concrete roofing tiles and Boral terracotta roofing tiles, schedule a free, no obligation consultation with the roofing professionals at Ajax Gregson Tiles – a family run business with over 15 years’ experience in the roofing industry.

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