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Boral Roof Tiles: The Best Roof Material for Homes in Bush-fire Prone AreasOctober 7, 2019


For a number of areas in Australia, a strict standard of architectural safety has been established that helps to guarantee property safety from inevitable bushfires. Due to certain areas being comprised of varying stretches of arid land, natural calamities like bushfires are inevitable, especially when temperatures soar to gruelling highs.

Subsequently, bushfires are one of the most common causes of property damage. As a response, state and local governments have made it mandatory to implement fire-resistant materials for roofing, since the roof is one of the parts of homes that are most prone to bushfire damage caused by stray embers or live fire.

Boral roof tiles are one of the highly recommended roofing materials for bushfire-prone areas. If you find yourself situated in such an area, here is what you need to know about Boral roofing tiles and why they can save your property from irreparable fire damage.

The Advantages of Boral Roof Tiles for Fireproof Roofing in Bush-Fire Prone Areas

Boral roofing tiles have become a de-facto option for fireproof roofing material over the last few decades, and not without good reason. Expressly designed for the purpose of fire retardation for private and public buildings, Boral roof tiles provide the following advantages:

• Superior heat and fire resistance – Boral roofing tiles are made from an assortment of fire-retardant and fireproof materials, not limited to, but including clay, gypsum, stone-coated steel, and ceramic roofing tiles. These materials are known to be resistant to flares, embers, and live fire, and are thus perfect for use in bushfire-prone areas.

• Good heft and near-impermeable construction – the materials that are chosen for Boral roofing tiles are likewise guaranteed to be hefty and impermeable to most types of impact-related damage. This also makes them an excellent choice for windy areas, which may also be prone to bushfires.

• Low-maintenance qualities and ease-of-installation – Boral roofing tiles are very low-maintenance. They are likewise easy to install and do not require any additional buttressing, although added framework durability is never a bad thing to have. While they may start out pricey, its versatile nature and long-lasting qualities make Boral roof tiles an excellent investment that will benefit your home in the long run.

If you are looking to improve the overall safety of your house and want to prevent potential accidents from occurring during a bushfire, then invest in Boral fireproof roof tiles from Ajax Gregson Tiles – roofing professionals in Melbourne.

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