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Boral Roof Tiles for Roof Overhang: Design and Functionality at Its FinestApril 17, 2019


Roof overhangs are necessity for every house. These are crucial for providing shade to windows and help to reduce the amount of rain and heat that could otherwise hit doors and the siding of houses. The design of roof overhang can significantly improve the overall look and appeal of a house, with the only negative thing about them being that many residential designers do not give more attention to roof overhangs.

When considering the important functions of roof overhangs, homeowners should consider their choice of roofing type carefully. Here are the important functions of roof overhangs:

- Effectively protects exterior doors, windows, and the siding of a house.
- Provides shade for windows and helps to reduce heat gain in houses.
- Helps to keep crawl spaces dry and prevents rain water from reaching basements.

Houses without roof overhangs, such as modern designed houses, can not only experience premature rotting of house siding, but can also suffer from overheating because direct sunlight can hit windows and doors. Improper roof overhangs, or houses without roof overhangs, can also experience water entry problems at doors and windows because these are unprotected from the rain.

With the right roofing material, such as Boral roof tiles for roof overhang, greater functionality and design options are available to homeowners.

Greater Functionality and Design Option with Boral Roof Tiles for Roof Overhang

If you are planning to reroof your house, and you want to protect it by keeping water off doors, windows, and siding, then consider installing quality Boral roof tiles for your roof overhang. The main purpose for a roof is to protect a house, and there is no better way to protect a house than with roofing material that is as strong as flooring – Boral concrete and terracotta roof tiles.

Compared to other roofing materials available, modern Boral roof tiles are superior in every way and is as strong as flooring, which means your house will be well protected and your roof overhang firmly secured for decades. Because roof overhangs experience wear more than any other part of a roof, it is ideal to use Boral roof tiles.

If you are considering reroofing your home, then choosing to use modern Boral roofing tiles for roof overhang just makes sense. Boral roof tiles come in a variety of colours, and are stronger and will last longer than other roofing materials available.

For more information about the benefits of Boral roofing tiles for your house, schedule a free, no obligation consultation with roofing professionals at Ajax Gregson Tiles.

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