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Why do Architects and Contractors Prefer Using Boral Roof Tiles?April 28, 2022


After a careful selection of the best home design that suits your taste and style, you also have to carefully decide which type of roof you should choose to complement your home design andfullycomplete your home architectural planning. If you have architects and contractors working with you, they might suggest Boral roof tiles to be used for your roof.  Over the years, Boral roof tile is a top roof choice of architects and contractors. As we all know, architects and contractors are experts in home building, they know what the good materials are that suit your home. To explore more about why architects and contractors prefer using Boral roof tiles, here are some of the reasons why.

Can Last a Long Time

Architects and contractors prefer using Boral roof tiles because of their durability. Boral roof tiles are proven to last a long time than any other type of roof. Knowing that you are paying for longevity, you can ensure that it is worth your money.  Choosing a durable material for your roof will translate to saving costs for frequent repairs in the future. 

Low Maintenance

Another potential reason why architects and contractors prefer this type of roof tile is because Boral roof tiles are proven to be low maintenance. This type of roof tile requires little to no maintenance which means you won’t have to stress about regular maintenance and repair.

Can Withstand Any Climate Condition

Boral roof tiles are preferred by architects and contractors because it is known to be weather-resistant and can withstand any climate condition. In contrast to roofs made from lighter materials, Boral roof tiles are made of materials with the proven strength to withstand any weather causing potential risk.

Environmentally Friendly

Over the years, architects and contractors prefer using Boral roof tiles because it is a sustainable choice for home building. With its natural and earth-friendly components, it is generally made from sustainable resources making it a great choice if your architect or contractor is looking for an environmentally friendly choice for your roof.

Resistant To Fire

Choosing Boral roof tile for your roof is the best option for you because architects and contractors are known to prefer Boral roof tile. After all, it is resistant to fire. Choosing a roof tile that is fire resistant plays a big role in keeping your roof protected from any fire-related accidents, especially if your house is in a place that is near a bush-fire prone area.

If you are looking for a reliable roofing specialist and a company that you can trust when it comes to your roofing needs, Ajax Gregson Tiles is one of Melbourne's most recognized tile roofing and re-roofing specialists. We offer both Boral terracotta roof tiles and Boral concrete roof tiles in various types of colours and designs depending on your preference.

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