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What New Homeowners Should Know About the Quality of Their Roofing TilesApril 22, 2016


If you are in the process of building a new house, or you are taking the possession of an existing home and you want to re-roof it, there are a few basics concerns to cover in regards to the quality of the roofing tiles to use. While the locality and overall look of a property does matters, it is the roof that is notoriously neglected by most new homeowners, especially when it comes time to design a home.

Choosing good roofing tiles is an integral part of ensuring your home's good looks and safety, and it’s an excellent way to control the costs involved with roof maintenance over the years. To help new homeowners, here are some things they should definitely know in advance of designing or purchasing a home.

Good tiles do not have to be expensive.

There were days when contractors used to charge a lot of money for 'good' roof tiles, stating the reason was because roof installation is a tough job and the installation required extra time for it to be top notch. However, a lot has changed over the last couple decades years, especially with the use of materials like concrete and clay roof tiles. Now, you can get the best roof tiles available for less and not have to pay extra for roof installation.

Choose the tiles that last longer.

There is nothing wrong with choosing to use the best roofing material for your home, to ensure the safety of your family and to protect all of your property contained inside. While your family’s safety is first, choosing durable and long-lasting roof tiles is definitely a top priority. So, which roofing tile material will last longer than the others?

That is a good question, with no absolute answer, but it does depend on your local climate. However, it is an established fact that clay and concrete roof tiles are the hardiest, some contractors also suggest stone roof tiles for people who want long-lasting roofs that can last for many decades, under all types of weather.

Fireproofing should be on your list.

There are types of roofing that does not catch fire, these are concrete tiles and they are non-combustible. With high fire ratings, these tiles are often included in the lowest insurance rate lists, making them a wise invest for any new home.

If you haven't decided yet on the type of roofing tiles you will use for your new home, then consult with a builder or roof contractor such as Ajax Gregson Tiles about the best quality roofing materials available.

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