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What are the Long-Term Cost Benefits of Roof Tiles?July 9, 2021


Today, the most durable tiles for your house are made of concrete or terracotta since they often last for the life of the house. Here at Ajax Gregson Tiles, we provide you a choice between the following roof tiles from Boral.


These tiles come in Contour, Macquarie, Linea, Slimline, Striata and Vogue styles. Each style has its own unique profile. Colours vary within the styles, but overall you can find shades ranging from quartz or off-white to ebony or black with a number of different shades in between.


This category of tiles includes the French, Shingle and Swiss styles. The French and Swiss styles have a higher profile than the flatter Shingle style does on your roof. Tile colours include such ones as Barley Stone or an off-white, Burgandy, Crimson Red, Antique Bronze, Asphalt, Wild Chocolate, Tuscan Straw, Slate Grey and more depending on the style that you select.

The Long-Term Cost Benefits of Roof Tiles

When installing a roof on an old or a new home, it is important to save on unwanted expenses for the process. You just should pay for a quality roof the first time around, and this will eliminate the need for surprise issues or problems that cost additional funds to repair to your satisfaction. Only rely on a professional roofing company for durable roof tiles and installation. A company such as this typically has years of experience in the business, and the expertise that its roofers bring to you will provide you with a long-lasting roof.

Bargain Roof Tiles are Never Worth It

Remember, a bargain roof may not be worth the savings since it will need replacing before a roof with concrete or terracotta tiles does, which means additional expense sooner than you wish to pay it. In addition, other types of tiles do not hold up in the wind, rain and sun the way our tiles will for you.

You should only trust a professional for the right guidance, tiles and other materials, and installation for your roof. An amateur will cause you more problems that he or she will solve throughout the project. Inquire as to how long the company has been in business, what type of roof tiles that it specialises in and if the company is licensed and insured according to local regulations. Hire a company that specialises in the type of tiles you wish to select for your house.

Follow our advice here and you will buy only durable roof tiles from a company with experience, namely Ajax Gregson Tiles. When you hire us, we guarantee that you will receive a quality roofing job that will last for years and ultimately save you unwanted expenses.

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