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The Risks and Hazards of Rushed and Improperly-Installed Roof TilesMarch 29, 2021


Issues with a roof can ruin your entire house since this element prevents moisture and debris from entering the rest of your structure. For this reason, a roofing installation or replacement should contain quality materials and workmanship, and be void of any shortcuts. When roofing contractors resort to shortcuts, the results will lead to tiles falling off, leaks occurring, the substructure of the roof deteriorating in severe situations, and other issues. This holds true for all styles of roofs.

Rushed and Improperly-Installed Roof Tiles Often Loosens Up

When inadequate fastening methods are put into action, tiles can break apart or come loose from the roof. Effective ways to attach terracotta or cement tiles include specially designed clips, ballast stones and even galvanised steel nails. Roof battens are another important element since the tiles attach to the battens. The proper placement of these thin strips of metal, wood or plastic ensure durability in the way the tiles attach to the roof. The configuration of the installation is dependent upon the shape, style and size of your roof.

Rushed and Improperly-Installed Roof Tiles Leads to Leaking

Another issue that can occur when a contractor resorts to shortcuts on a roofing installation is leaks in the foundation of the roof that allow water to seep into the interior of the home. Once this happens, the ceiling, walls, inner framework and even the subflooring can suffer damage from dampness that includes staining, warping and deterioration.

Rushed and Improperly-Installed Roof Tiles Can Rot

If the installation is shoddy from the use of shortcuts, the substructure of the roof can rot from exposure to moisture. When this rot is severe in nature, it can result in the collapse of a portion of the roof. Your entire house will suffer major damage beyond what we mentioned earlier. The repair bills will be expensive for the restoration of your house back to its former ideal condition.

An Example of a Roofing Shortcut to Avoid

One example of the type of shortcut to which we refer to in the above information is the inclusion of low-quality materials in order for the contractor to earn higher profits from your roof. Materials such as these do not last as long as quality ones do, and this leads to additional repairs and replacements in less time than if the right materials are on and in your roof from the start.

To learn additional facts about why roofing installation should never contain any shortcuts, contact Ajax Gregson Tiles. We are experts in installing various types and styles of roofs using high-quality materials such as Boral® concrete and terracotta tiles.

If you want to invest in high quality roofing tiles that will last you for decades to come, and that look great, then visit us here at Ajax Gregson Tiles, we can help you find the right roofing material that best suits your home.

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