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Stylish and Luxurious Roof Tile Options for Your Modern Melbourne HomeNovember 8, 2021


There are many styles of contemporary homes, with pitched roofs becoming a more common feature. Pitched roofs are common in areas that experience heavy rains and snow throughout the year. Many contemporary homes being built today have different sloped roofs. These allow snow and rain to slide off easily, and they are designed in a way that does not sacrifice a modern appeal.

Professional architects can design homes to have pitched roofs that gives a very contemporary look. They have designs that make the interior of a house feel bigger and brighter on the inside. They can make back patios feel larger too. When it comes to the type of roofing that is best for contemporary homes with pitched roofs, one brand stands out among the rest – roof tiles.

Fashionable Vogue Roof Tiles the Ideal Choice for Contemporary Homes

Fashionable Vogue roof tiles for contemporary homes are the best. Not only are Vogue concrete roof tiles fashionably flat, but strong, affordable, and appealing too, characteristics that are perfect for contemporary homes.

Vogue concrete roof tiles are brand’s new range of quality roof tiles for contemporary homes. With the clean lines of Vogue flat concrete roof tiles, these offer homeowners superior style and value for their money. Fashionable Vogue roof tiles for contemporary homes are available in eight beautiful colours; Stonewall, Taupe, Peat, Shale, Charcoal Grey, Gunmetal, Onyx, Twilight, and Ebony.

These stylish roofing tiles are applicable for pitched roofs of up to 20 degrees. A reputable company recommends such to achieve optimum heat reflection and weatherproofing protection. Backed by the brand name, Vogue roof tiles are manufactured with high-quality concrete that adheres to strict strength specifications, and homeowners can sleep easy knowing their roof tiles come with a minimum 20-year guarantee.

Concrete Roof Tiles

All concrete roof tiles are manufactured in Australia and adhere to strict strength specification that makes them ideal for use on homes near coastal areas, as they are salt-safe and suitable for any environment. Along with their enduring strength, concrete Vogue roofing tiles provide excellent thermal insulation, is tank safe, fire-resistant, low maintenance, and are ideal for use on contemporary home with flat or pitched roofing.

Whether for a new build or re-roofing job, if you are interested to know more about fashionable Vogue roof tiles for contemporary homes, then call or visit Ajax Gregson Tiles – an authorised roofing specialist. Ajax Gregson Tiles are also re-roofing specialists. Our quotations include removing the existing tiles from your roof and relaying your new tile selection. When we commence your re-roofing project we complete one section of your roof at a time. This ensures that your home is never fully exposed to the elements, and eliminates the need for roofing tarps.

Feel free to come into our colour studio to select your profile and colour of roof tile, if this is not possible we can send you a brochure or arrange for a sample tile to be delivered to you. We can also provide addresses of homes with the tile you are considering so you can get an idea of how the tile will look on your new roof.

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