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Roof Restoration Using Clay Roof TilesSeptember 23, 2015


It’s true, roofing tiles are experiencing a resurgence of interest in recent years for usage in home construction, and for aesthetics purposes, especially in town-houses and retreat homes near coastal areas. Clay roofing tiles have been around a long time, and while these were popular all over, roofing tiles were later replaced by materials deemed more affordable, and purportedly ‘easier to maintain’.

Materials such as corrugated roofing and GI-sheets made of aluminum, or some other type of metallic alloy, became the norm for roofing. However these materials, in spite of their lower price range and ready availability, were found to be drastically inferior compared to clay roof tiles.

What Makes Roofing Tiles Ideal for Home Restoration Projects?

Roof tiles made of clay are considered far more superior to most other roofing solutions, thanks to their innate nature. The majority of roofing tiles available in the market are made from hard metamorphic stones like granite and shale. Unfortunately, these materials tend to be very pricey. Thankfully, there are alternatives to stone roofing tiles, the most popular of late being clay roof tiles.

As the name suggests, clay roof tiles are made from oven-fired clay in much the same way as bricks, instantly making them as close to the durability and resilience of stone roofing tiles, without the hefty price-tag. clay roof tiles are among one of the most popular examples of clay roofing tiles available in the market today.

Made with the best possible skills and craftsmanship, and cut to absolute perfection, these clay roof tiles redefine the classical concept of clay tiles and revolutionises its purpose, aesthetics, and quality. Known for its extensive selection of designs ranging from traditional shapes and textures to inventive modern twists, clay roof tiles have also managed to innovatively alter the overall shape and contours of their tiles, to effectively imitate wood shakes and stone tiles. And, it’s done with next to flawless perfection.

Perfect for all types of weather conditions, clay roofing tiles by should be your go-to material for all standard roofing and roof restoration projects. Why is that? It’s because these roof tiles are as strong as stone, less costly, easy to maintain, last for decades longer than other roofing material, and it is really the best roofing material for your home.

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