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Risk Factors When You Don't Hire a Professional Roofer for Your Re-Roofing NeedsApril 8, 2016


Do you need repairs and maintenance for your roof? Most people do, once in a while. When apparently small repairs look like the need doing, it is tempting to hire 'someone' with some roofing experience to make those repairs, reasoning that it would be cheaper than hiring a professional roofer. However, there are serious risk factors when you don't hire a professional roofer for your re-roofing needs, and it could cost you dearly.

A Professional Roofer for Your Re-Roofing Needs Saves You Money

Basically, repairing a section of roofing is considered re-roofing, whether it is a little area or whole sections of a roof, once you place new roofing material on top of an existing older roof, that is re-roofing. The risks involved when hiring a non-professional roofer is that there is much to consider when installing new roofing on top of old roofing, mainly, the knowledge and experience to inspect for potential or existing damage that cannot readily be seen at first glance.

It could be anything from mold, water damage, exposed wiring or infested insulation, just to mention a few things. The roof is one of the most important parts of a home as it keeps the elements out, and basically provide a protection over everything inside. To re-roof a house properly, you first need a roof inspection, and that requires consulting a licensed roofing company like Ajax Gregson Tiles.

When a non-licensed roofer re-roofs a home, there is no guarantees and no insurance to covering any mistakes they may make, or any underlining damage they neglected to find. If left undiscovered, water damage, mold and any exposed wiring could cost a homeowner more than they wish to consider – potentially, thousands of dollars. If you think about it, it isn't worth the risks – not hiring a professional roofer for your re-roofing needs.

Here at the Ajax Gregson Tiles, we are a licensed and professional roofing company that has the knowledge, training and many years of experience in roof repair and re-roofing. Our roofing experts will discover any underlining damage there may be when making a roof inspection, and will then work with you to formulate a solution that best protects your number one investment, your home.

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