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Quality of Roofing Tiles Add Value to Your Home When You Need To SellMay 13, 2016


When you think about the roofing on your home, the usual first concern is just safety. However, quality roofing is closely associated to the resale estate value too.

Think about it, roofing in good condition is always more desirable to buyers for many reasons. One, they will not have to pay for re-roofing or repairing it again in the near future. Two, they can be certain of the safety of their family for years to come.

Irrespective of whether you invest in a property as a personal residence, or just to sell it after a few years for profit, it is always wise to get the best quality roofing tiles you can.

Quality of Roofing Tiles Matters

While the installation of roofing can be time-consuming, it is well worth the wait once you come to realize the value it will bring to your home in the future. Real estate appraisals increase the valuation dramatically for homes with better roof tiling work. And, with modern tile material like concrete, you can save a lot of money, especially when roofing does become necessary; it's generally cheaper than other tile types.

Often homeowners get new roofing or reroofing work done on their own, with material suggestions from family or friends. This approach is part gamble given that professional roofers will recommend roofing material based on the type of building, the climate, aesthetics and within the working budget. Right from designing the roof to sealing and fireproofing, professionals can make a huge difference on your property, and they can suggest roofing material that will actually increase your home's value, not just make it look aesthetically appealing.

Buyers and Agents Avoid Warning Signs

A simple search on the internet will tell you what buyers like to avoid when investing in a property for long-term, and knowing this can help you. Roofing is usually at the top of the list for buyers with families. In fact, some of the agents like to bring in their own roofing experts to evaluate the quality of the structure because they understand that bad roofing can reduce a home's cost anywhere from 10,000 to 30,000 dollars, or more.

While you can have the best roofing tile material, and get it professionally installed, none of it matters without proper care and maintenance. Roofing professionals offer roofing inspection to evaluate the condition of your roof, and then advise the best solutions for repairing any damage there may be, without affecting the quality of roofing tiles on your home. To learn more about roofing and the types of quality roof tiles available, that can increase your home's value, contact us here at Ajax Gregson Tiles.

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