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Most Common Roof Tile Problems That Needs To Be Fixed ImmediatelyJuly 12, 2016


Even though roof tiles are specially designed and installed in layers, to effectively keep the water and elements out of homes and buildings of all sizes, there are common roof tile problems that when discovered need to be fixed immediately. Basically, roof tile repairs, if not addressed immediately, can costs thousands of dollars in water damage to a roof's support foundation, interior walls, and electrical wiring, not to mention the furnishings inside the home.

This is why, when discovered, damaged roofs need to be fixed as soon as possible. Below you will learn about the causes of common roof tiling problems, how to discover these, and solutions available to you.

Most Common Roof Tile Problems

Whether your roof is a couple of years old or a couple of decades, these can and do become damaged, not surprisingly, one of the most common roof tile problems is easy to avoid.

Foot Traffic

There are many reasons why climbing onto roofs and walking about is not advised, mainly for safety concerns, and secondly because walking on them causes damage. This is true, if the person on the roof is unfamiliar with roof construction and doesn't know where to step without damaging roofing tiles and the underlining support beams.

Roof inspections by experienced roofers will avoid walking on the roof unless absolutely necessary, to avoid damaging a roof and shouldering blame for any damage discovered. Traditional clay tiles can be easily damage in this way, which is why Boral Cement Roof Tiles are recommended because they are hardier.

Ladder Damage

Ladders are used to mount roofs, however, roofing tiles can be damaged by them if not placed correctly or hurriedly. Often times, home owners unknowingly damage their roof, which then requires roof tile repairs, when venturing onto the roof to adjust antennas, solar heating, or satellite dishes. Likewise, gutter cleaners can also damage the edges of a roof while conducting gutter and downspout cleaning.

Cracked Roof Tiles

Cracked roofing tiles are a serious problem that should be fixed as soon as possible because water that enters a home can cause all types of damaged. Moisture build up causes mould and mildew to grow, which not only damages walls and ceilings, but creates a health hazards to anyone in the home. In fact, any damage to your roof should be repaired ASAP, for all the reasons mentioned earlier.

For effective roof inspections, Ajax Gregson Tiles can safely identify any damage to your roof and can repair or replace any roof tiles, and, if needed they can re-roof your house. To have your roof inspected, simply call for a no obligation roof inspection today, here at Ajax Gregson Tiles, we specialise in roof tile repairs, re-roofing and new roof installations.

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