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Modern Roof Tile Ideas for Residential Extension ProjectsApril 13, 2021


Residential extensions are an excellent way to add more space to an already cluttered or overpopulated home. They can also make for great annexes for extended families, or even as an ideal ‘home away from home’- a quiet place. Because residential extensions typically equate to a new room or a new part of the house, outfitting your residential extension with the best possible amenities and comforts should become a priority.

If you have plans to add a new residential extension, then there are many things you need to consider before getting started. One such consideration is proper roofing. In fact, many homeowners don’t realise that roofing actually comes in a variety forms and types, and finding the right roofing tiles can be tricky if you aren’t familiar with roof tiles.

A traditional roofing material that hearkens back to the old-fashioned days of shingles and brownstone houses, roof tiles are a durable, beautiful, and decidedly long-lasting alternative to more conventional roofing materials such as shingles. There are a number of advantages to roofing tiles that cannot be found in any other material on the market today. Here are modern roof tile ideas for residential extension projects.

Striata Roof Tiles

Striata roof tiles are a new and preferred alternative to natural materials like shale and granite roofing. Created from solid concrete, they take on the heft, appearance, and functionality of traditional shale or granite roofing. Because it is derived from modern, man-made materials, these are far more affordable than traditional roofing tiles, and are more Eco-friendly to boot.

French and Swiss Terracotta Roof Tiles

The French Terracotta roof tiles unique two valley shape gives the roof line a look of texture and flow. It will give your home a look of refinement and classical style and is ideal for both rural and city living. French Terracotta roof tiles interlock at the head and side tap and are laid in a cross bond pattern. To ensure maximum weather proofing, the nail hole for tile fixing has been designed in the batten lug on the underside of the tile and is unique to roof tiles.

Based on a bold European design, the Swiss Terracotta roof tile is ideal for modern and Mediterranean style homes, and is as durable as it is stylish. Swiss terracotta roof tiles interlock at the head and side lap and are laid in a straight bond pattern. To ensure maximum weather proofing the nail hole for tile fixing has been designed in the batten lug on the underside of the tile and is unique to roof tiles.

If you are planning on constructing a new residential extension, or re-roofing your old roof, and you would like more information about roofing tiles and where to obtain the best ones for a low price, then please visit Ajax Gregson Tiles.

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