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Know Why Half-Roof Replacement Can Cause More Damage in the Long RunJune 22, 2021


There are times when roofs become damaged, either from physical force, such as a tree falling on it, or do to the age of the roof, and leaking develops in some areas. While some roofing contractors may suggest replacing half a roof, it is really a bad idea, for a number of reasons.

Why should you not replace half a roof? That is a good question to ask. Although a homeowner’s insurance representative may advise to repair half of a roof when damaged, they really don’t have the last say. If a professional roofing contractor deems it necessary, then the insurance company must comply with a full roof replacement. Basically, insurance companies only want to pay for as little as possible, which is why they will suggest a half roof replacement.

If you are in similar situation, and you are contemplating replacing only half of your roof, then consider a few of the points below before making a final decision. It is important that you know why half-roof replacement might cause more damage than good in the long run.

Half-Roof Replacement May Pose Some Logistical Difficulties

when approaching a roof repair job, the condition of the roof must be considered first before any repair plans can be made. A roof may have rotten plywood in areas of the roof that has no damage, or the roof may be too old to warrant only half of it to be replaced. Even if the insurance adjuster recommends that only a portion of the roof be replaced, if there is rotten wood, or it is an old roof, then it should be replaced completely.

There Are Different Ages Of Roofing Between Slopes

Considering that typical roof shingles have a lifespan of between 25 and 30 years, it is not recommended to replace only half of a roof because it would result in different sections of the roof not having the same lifespan. This creates a problem if one section does need to be replaced before the other, as any roofer will have a very difficult time attempting to tie sections of varying ages of roofing together.

Replacing Half A Roof Can Look Aesthetically Incompatible

he appearance of most roofing material changes with age, and because of this, replacing a new large section of roofing will not aesthetically match the rest of an existing roof.

While it may be recommended to repair a roof by replacing a small section of it, when the damage is considerable enough to warrant replacing “half” a roof, any experienced roofer will advise that the whole roof be replaced instead. Consult Ajax Gregson Tiles for your roof tile concerns.

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