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Know the Most Ideal Roof Tiles for Low-Sloped Roofs from Ajax Gregson TilesJune 8, 2021


Some people may have had problems with low-sloped roofing in the past and are hesitant to recommend it to others, because these can be problematic in times of inclement weather. However, if constructed with proper roofing tiles for low-sloped roofs that are made to withstand a region’s weather, this type of roof can be the preferred choice. Know the most ideal roof tiles for low-sloped roofs from Ajax Gregson Tiles.

The Most Ideal Roof Tiles for Low-Sloped Roofs

It is common for homeowners to decide to redesign their low-sloped roofs, to make them stronger and to benefit them aesthetically; this style of roof is a trademark architectural style that has a natural organic aesthetic look that many folks have come to like. In fact; with the right type of roofing tile, low-sloped roofs can be made stronger and look better than before.

There is a near-unlimited array of roofing tiles made available for today’s roofing market, and most of these are specifically designed from more conventional roofing materials. Outside of these standard roofing tiles there are specialty roofing tiles for low-sloped roofs; made from clay, ceramic, or cut stone, these tiles are especially designed to correct the problematic aspects of low-sloped roofing in climates which are ill-suited to roofing of such nature, and to provide more aesthetic options for homeowners and builders.

Curved or Rounded Tiles

Most tiles for low-sloped roofs generally possess a more curved or rounded feature in contrast to other roofing tiles that flaunt flat or otherwise wavy surfaces, such as shingles. Curved and rounded tiles allow for water to flow down easily unto a drainage pipe and off of the roof itself more efficiently. These also prevent the innate nature of water to collect and pool in a certain areas of the roof, something which low-sloped roofs are notorious for doing.

Terracotta Roof Tiles

Because low-sloped roofing tiles are more of a specialty product than a general one, it also requires a specific type of installation that may often differ from how other, more conventional roofing tiles are installed. The best roofing tiles for low-sloped roofing tend to be types of Terracotta Roof Tiles or other glazed ceramic varieties. Ceramic roof tiles offer additional waterproofing benefits as well as a far more refined surface that allows water to simply ‘glide’ off. This helps to prevent the possibility of water stagnation and build-up on the roof, which is bad for your roof overtime.

To discover the best type of roofing tiles for your low-sloped roof; it is recommended to consult an expert roofing company. Our 15 years of industry experience makes Ajax Gregson a company that you can trust when it comes to all your roofing needs.

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