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Is It Possible to Repair Cracked Roof Tiles or Should They Be Replaced?May 30, 2022


A single broken roof tile can already cause a minor inconvenience and you cannot let this happen to your living space. Roof tile repair or replacement can be a daunting task but you cannot just neglect a crack roof tile for a long time because is the safety of your family that is at risk. The cracked roof tile as much as possible should be replaced with a new tile immediately, depending on the severity of the crack of the roof tile. However, if a fresh tile is not accessible at the moment, you can insteadrepair them as a temporary solution but you still have to replace the cracked roof tile as soon as possible.

If Fifty Percent Of the Tile Is Broken; Replace Them

Firstly, examine the tile and the severity of the crack. If the crack exceeds fifty per cent, then we highly recommend a full roof tile replacement. If there is more than one broken roof tile, it's another story but still, full roof tile replacement is recommended. It is not practical to repair a roof tile that has an excessive crack because it will only cost you more.

Check the Thickness of the Underlayment of the Roof Tile

Another factor to determine if a cracked roof tile should only undergo repair or full replacement is to check the thickness of the underlayment.  An underlayment system is very essential in keeping the roof watertight. If you think that the underlayment has the same condition as the cracked tile, then a full tile replacement is advised.

Evaluate the Flashing Systems

One other factor to consider is the flashing system. Flashing should also be examined to assess their remaining service life. If they are still in good condition, then a simple roof tile repair is what you only need to do.

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