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For Extra Roof Protection and Beautification: Try Regent Paints Coatings from Ajax Gregson TilesMarch 15, 2021


Roofing materials are designed to endure the long and unrelenting ravages of nature, but even the hardiest of roofs, and the most durable of materials, will eventually suffer some degree of wear-and-tear. While a large number of modern roofing solutions look back to the past for ideas on how to make roofs last longer, a lot of companies forget that the present also holds integral solutions that will allow for longer-lasting roofing that requires little to no maintenance, with the additional upside of being affordable.

One of the most overlooked roof solutions is the fact that the simplest one is always available – roof paint or roof coating. Roof paints is an often overlooked yet important feature of roofing, but it is aesthetically vital when it comes to many modern home-construction. While painting preexisting roofing is not a common practice any more, except for metal roofing, roof coating cement tiles with top-quality paint is desired and recommended as it helps prolong the life of roofing, especially tropical and subtropical areas of the world.

Painting roof tiles with a specialised coating to prevent oxidation and increase its lifespan was the go-to solution for corrugated steel (G. I. sheet) roofing, although it never quite accomplished the intended result, since the paint would, with time, invariably chip or wear off.

Try Regent Paints Coatings from Ajax Gregson Tiles

A more modern and reliable solution is to employ a specialised polymer-based Regent paint to coat a roof. Irrespective of whether the roof is sheet-based or tile-based, a polymer paint coated roof accomplishes the following things that uncoated, average roofing options cannot:

Regent Paints Coatings Gives Added Resistance to Weathering

Polymer-based Regent paint not only resists weathering by allowing itself to bond onto the base material, but it also increases the roof’s overall resistance against exposure to the elements.

Regent Paints Coatings Improves Waterproofing

Regent paint coating have been specifically designed to resist water, causing it to easily slide right off the surface. With this in mind, Regent paint coated roofs are able to better withstand and resist water-damage, making for a longer-lasting roof without common leaks that develop from typical roof paints.

Regent Paints Coatings Are Easy-To-Clean

Because of the two unique features Regent paint boasts above, it is also easier on the upkeep and cleaning of roofs than other roofing solutions and, since it practically resists dust and dirt build-up, allowing you to achieve a pristine-looking roof without having to cost a fortune. If you’re tired of the typical roofing and are looking for revolutionary roofing solutions to suit your aesthetic needs and budget, then consider roofing tiles with Regent paint coating.


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