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Features and Benefits of Boral's Shingle Designer Ceramic Roof Tiles for Your HomeOctober 27, 2021


If you want to adorn your home with a very special roofing material, one that can match any home’s architectural design theme, then your search will lead you to designer ceramic roof tiles. designer ceramic roof tiles are well-known in the construction industry for the wide variety of assorted styles and colours available, their durable nature, and the ability to withstand the onslaught of even the strongest winds, severe heat and cold, and torrential rains.

The elegant flat line of these quality Designer Ceramic Shingle™ tiles makes them the perfect complement to a wide range of architectural styles, building materials and house environments. Featuring a low 18 degree pitch, (with sarking) this flat profile was designed to provide the greater design flexibility that contemporary rooflines demand. All Designer ceramic roof tiles are manufactured in Australia and come with a 60 year product warranty.

Compared to other roofing materials, such as concrete tiles, asphalt, and metal roofing. ceramic roof tiles last longer, are more stylish, durable, and energy efficient. In fact, there are more than a few advantages these have that are attractive to home owners considering installing a new roof, or reroofing their home, here are some: While aesthetics definitely play an important role in the final decision, there are other advantages that designer ceramic roof tiles add to your home that should seal-the-deal.

Features and Benefits of Boral's Shingle Designer Ceramic Roof Tiles for Your Home

Perfect Colour For Your Home

No need to worry about finding just the right colour roofing for your home, that’s because Ajax Gregson Tiles have a colour studio available where you can work with professional, in-house colour expert to help mix and match colours until you discover the right one for your home.

Energy Efficiency

designer ceramic roof tiles have sustainable qualities and will help to reduce your energy heating and cooling costs. They help insulate homes and effectively transfer heat from the sun on hot days, which keeps the interior of your home cooler, and then keep warmth in on cold days.

Durable and Long-Lasting

not only are ceramic roof tiles more durable than other roofing materials, they last longer too, up to three times longer than asphalt tiles, and, they can weather the elements better than metal roofing sheets.

Noise Reduction

During heavy rains, unlike metal roofing, ceramic roof tiles are relatively quiet, which makes them an ideal choice for home owners.

Increases Property Value

When it comes to the main area of a home that real-estate agents look at to determine a property’s market value, it is the type of roof and its condition that plays a major role in determining the final price. In fact, a bad roof can actually reduce the value of a home between $10,000 and $30,000. The advantages of designer roof tiles can have a huge difference of your home, making it more stylish, durable, long-lasting, and increasing its value.

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