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Facts About Roof Tiles That You Need to KnowJanuary 20, 2023


When choosing the best roof for you and your family, your final decision should be based on as much information as possible. You can find some information and insights during your research process that affect your perspective. Always keep the following roof tile facts in mind while choosing the right roof tiles for your house.

Terracotta Tiles Are Long Lasting

Terracotta tiles are made to last and will create a stunning and durable roof for your home. They come with a 50-year warranty. Terracotta roofing has endured for millennia on different continents, adding beauty and character to the roofscapes of Asia and Europe. Each terracotta tile contains a vitrified body that prevents it from being harmed by water and airborne pollutants and by Australia's strong UV rays.

Terracotta Tiles Don’t Fade

To give terracotta tiles their excellent character, robustness, good colour retention, and minimal maintenance needs, they are made from carefully chosen natural clays and burnt in a kiln to temperatures of 1100°C. Unlike other types of materials, terracotta tile roofing keeps looking good over time, preserving the aesthetic appeal of your house.

All Roof Tiles Are Salt Safe and Frost Resistant

All roof tiles are salt- and frost-safe, making them suited for use in any environment, including coastal areas and locations near places where waves break.

Terracotta Tiles Come in Many Colours

With its distinctive sunburst orange roof tiles, terracotta tiles are inseparable from the Spanish Revival architecture of the Mediterranean region. Its exclusive prominence has led many people to believe it is the only colour available. That is an entirely false statement. More colours are available in terracotta clay roof tiles than in concrete tiles.

Concrete Tiles Get Stronger with Age

Concrete tiles defy the rules of time, even though it seems impossible that something could get stronger over time. A favourable reaction between the ingredients water and cement occurs during the manufacturing process, which accounts for the increasing strength of concrete. You won't need to replace the frame with a stronger one after a few years because the improved strength doesn't add any weight to your roof.

Tiled Roofs Are Energy Efficient

A significant long-term investment to minimise electrical heating and cooling, concrete and terracotta roof tiles have a very large thermal mass, making them extremely effective at managing internal temperatures.

Roof Tiles Are Recyclable

During the manufacturing process, no toxins or chemicals are added to the concrete or terracotta roof tiles obtained from natural resources. Terracotta is created from clay, whereas concrete is created from a mixture of cement, sand, and water. Because of their toughness, they both have lifespans of more than 50 years, are recyclable, and can even be put to other uses once they've run their course.

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