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Durability of Terracotta Roof TilesNovember 22, 2022


One of the most attractive and long-lasting roofing solutions available to homeowners is Terracotta Roof Tiles. Despite being more expensive than other choices, they provide incomparable aesthetics, benefits from energy efficiency, and unsurpassed durability from a 100% natural material. The following are some incredible benefits of terracotta roof tiles that make their durability unquestionable:

Long Lasting – 50-Year Warranty

Terracotta tiles are made to last and will create a stunning and durable roof for your home. They come with a 50-year warranty. Terracotta roofing has endured for millennia on different continents, adding beauty and character to the roofscapes of Asia and Europe. Each terracotta tile contains a vitrified body that prevents it from being harmed by water and airborne pollutants, as well as by Australia's strong UV rays. No matter where the property is located, all terracotta tiles and customers are eligible for the 50-year warranty on Terracotta tiles.

Thermal Performance

The thermal performance of a roof describes how it influences indoor temperature and how much energy is required to keep the indoor temperature at a comfortable level. Sarking, more insulation, a lighter roof colour, and adjustments to the overall design considerations can all help achieve further gains in thermal performance. It is always advised to instal sarking under tiles because it significantly lowers the need for cooling in the house.

Colour Retention

Select natural clays are used to make terracotta tiles, which are then burned in a kiln to 1100°C for the remarkable character, strength, colour retention, and little maintenance needs. Unlike other types of materials, terracotta roofing keeps looking good over time, preserving the aesthetic appeal of your house.

Salt-safe & Frost Resistant

Since all Terracotta tiles are salt-safe and frost resistant, they can be used in any setting, including coastal areas and locations near areas where waves break.

Acoustic Performance

With Terracotta roof tiles, you can enjoy greater tranquilly because their density helps muffle outside noises like trains, planes, and traffic. In reality, these roof tiles have a sound attenuation potential of 30 decibels, compared to the most popular substitute's just 12 decibels.

Rainwater & Tank Safety

Because Terracotta roof tiles are non-toxic and your roof is in good condition, they can be used to collect rainwater for later use. The surface treatment of Terracotta roof tiles is devoid of any substances or chemicals in proportions known to be harmful to human health because they are produced following AS 2049.

Low Maintenance

Once properly laid, terracotta roof tiles require very little upkeep for the entire duration of the roof. Only the affected tiles often need to be replaced or removed if a piece of the roof is ever damaged or needs to be modified (such as by adding a skylight). 

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