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Different Roof Design Ideas for New Homes January 30, 2021


Roof design may appear to be straightforward, where capacity is in every case more significant than form, however, it very well may be a lot more. Your roof design establishes a significant pace for the remainder of your home. It can characterize an exceptional style while additionally making space and insurance.

Gable Roof

The gable roof design is quite possibly the most well-known roof styles. It includes the customary three-sided roof shape with two planes that meet at a top ridgeline. This straightforward roof design takes into consideration many style choices including affordable black-top shingles, exemplary wood shingles, strong roofing tile, or an energy effective metal roof.

Hipped Roof

A hipped roof is like a gable roof design, aside from all sides of the house are covered. Rather than two planes, a hipped roof has four. The benefit of this is that all sides of the house are ensured and concealed, protracting the existence of your outside materials like siding, block, or stone.

Flat Roof

A flat roof design isn't level, yet has a negligible slant to permit water to deplete and not pool on top. To encourage overflow depletes and drains are utilised to control water development. Flat roofs are generally utilised in present-day homes and business spaces. Rather than shingles, they are fixed with a waterproofing film and EPDM elastic, PVC, or black-top covering.

Shed Roof

Like flat roofs, the shed roof design is straightforward and smoothed out. This roof design utilises a calculated incline to cover the entire roof territory, similar to half of a gableed roof. It's utilised in present-day homes or related to other roof design styles. The benefit of a shed roof is that it permits more space for characteristic light. The impediment is that a greater amount of the house is left unshaded and unprotected. Shed roofs look smooth when joined with an advanced roofing material like tile or metal, however, can oblige any roof covering material.


On the off chance that you would prefer not to focus on only one style, redo your roof with different roof design components. Utilise hipped and gable, shed and shelter, or add dormers for visual allure and all the more light. Redoing your roof design permits you to amplify inside space where you need it, for example, for vaulted roofs or upper room space.

Utilise the upsides of different styles for your roof design to assist you with appreciating the most normal light, conceal, protection, ventilation, security from the components, and energy effectiveness where it's required most. Keep it straightforward by restricting your roof design to a couple of shapes and work with an expert roofer to ensure the arrangement bodes well for your home's construction, area, and style.

At the end of the day, no matter what design you choose, quality must be the priority. That is why you need a brand that gives you a variety of options while ensuring quality. Check out Roof Tiles from Ajax Gregson Tiles.


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