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Concrete Roof Tiles: Your Answer to Energy Efficient RoofingOctober 21, 2016


Anyone who owns a home can tell you that keeping a house cool inside, while it is hot outside, is very important, just as much as maintaining an affordable monthly electric bill is. Thankfully, for home owners, there is a way to cool the home and at the same time save money off utility bills generated by cooling and heating the interior, by using concrete roof tiles.

Concrete Roof Tiles and Energy Efficient Roofing

The Australian Greenhouse Office reveals that nearly 40% of residential energy costs are generated by cooling and heating homes. And because of this fact, builders and contractors are promoting and using energy-efficient materials to build and renovate houses. Designing and constructing an energy efficient house just makes sense, as it can save considerable money over the course of many years.

By its very design, an energy efficient home drastically reduces the needed energy to cool and heat interior spaces, this is mainly due to the type of roofing – concrete roofing tiles. What makes concrete an efficient energy-saving home feature is that it creates a more stable interior temperature, and it does this in a few ways.

Solar reflectance – the ability to directly reflect solar rays, and concrete roofing tiles naturally do this. These can be even more effective at reflecting solar heat by choosing reflective coloured tiles, lighter rather than darker colours naturally reflect the sun’s rays. In this way, home owners can expect to reflect up to 53% of heat generated directly by the sun’s rays when compared to other roofing materials, such as wood and asphalt shingles.

Thermal Emittance – this is the ability to disperse or give off heat rather than retain it, and that is exactly what cement roof tiles do better than other roofing material on the market today. In fact, it is proven up to 86% thermal emittance when compared to asphalt shingles.

For those seeking to how to save energy costs to cool their homes, the best solution is by installing energy efficient roofing, such as concrete roof tiles is the answer. Considering the beneficial traits of concrete roofing, it is easy to understand why so many property owner choose it – it saves money.

If you want to invest in high quality roofing tiles that will last you for decades to come, and that look great, then visit us here at Ajax Gregson Tiles, we can help you find the right roofing material that best suits your home.

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