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Common Metal Roof Problems and Why You Should Switch to Tile and Concrete RoofingMarch 22, 2016


Thanks to the innovations of modernity, notable varieties of roofing materials have become standardised and more accessible to the general public. Today, metal roofs are used more and more, because of their affordability, availability and ease of installation. However, metal roofing isn't as long-lasting or enduring as other roofing material such as tile and concrete roofing. And, these tend to need more maintenance and repairs as years pass.

This is exactly why home and property owners and managers choose hardier roofing material – to avoid problems associated with the limits of metal roofing as they age.

Avoid Common Metal Roofing Problems by Switching to Tile and Concrete Roofing

Re-roofing a home isn't cheap, if 'cheap' roofing material is used, because it will be anything, but cheap, especially as the years pass. There are well-known, common metal roof problems that occur, problems you should be aware about, to help you make the best re-roofing decision possible, for the sake of your home or building.

Leaking roof – it is a common problem with metal roofs that aren't installed correctly, because of poor craftsmanship. Very slight gaps between metal sheets, or accidental punctures in the metal roofing when it was installed or repaired, often go completely unnoticed, or unreported. But, these problems can be avoid by installing concrete roof tiles, because the way concrete roof tiles are stacked on top of each other, it naturally prevents water from stagnating and seeping into the roof.

And, unlike metal roofing sheets that can be punctured or damaged easily, tile and concrete roof material are hardy as stone, and aren't easily damaged, which is one of its major appeals as a choice roof material.

Blow-offs – this is a direct indication of poor workmanship and installation, when metal roofing becomes loose and literally 'blows off' the top of your home. A well installed metal roof should withstand strong winds, but if poorly installed and not secured properly to the building, then they can blow away, and that is a problem you don’t find with concrete roofing tile.

Pounding water and damaged metal roofing – when it rains on a metal roof, stagnant water can build up quickly, the weight of that water can cause the metal roofing to bend and eventually damage the roof and other areas of the building. Not the same risk of damage when you have tile or concrete roofing, because water will not build-up like a traditional flat roof. Not only can you avoid the same trappings that metal roofs eventually undergo as they age, but with tile and concrete roofing you have a lot more aesthetic choices.

To learn more about the differences between metal roofing and concrete roofing, you can speak with the professionals at Ajax Gregson, we have a wide selection of concrete tile roofing and we are happy to help you find the right one for you home.

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