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Common Leaky Roof Causes and Why Should You Switch To Terracotta and Concrete TilesAugust 4, 2016


A leaky roof is not a good thing, it is the most notorious culprit of unexpected roof repairs costs for ‘most’ roofing materials, but not for Terracotta and concrete tiles because these have qualities most roofing materials do not. However, the causes of leaking roofs are still a major concern for home owners, which are things that every home owner should know about, no matter what kind of roofing material they currently have protecting their homes.

There are countless reasons that can cause a roof to leak, however, there are some reasons that are very common and many of these can be avoided. To help, here is a list of some of the common leaky roof causes to consider.

Common Leaky Roof Causes

Missing and Damage Roof Shingles

Shingles can go missing and become damaged from strong winds, tree branches falling and hitting them, or when people walk on the roof. Even small holes left from an old TV antenna or satellite dish can allow rain to leak into your home and cause water damage. The best way to avoid these kinds of leaks is to have your home’s roof inspected to discover any hidden holes, and then have these repaired and sealed up.

Shallow Slope

Wind can lift metal sheets and shingles up enough to allow water to enter underneath these, if the slope is shallow enough. In fact, as an example, maximum slope for asphalt shingles is 2:12, but even a standard 4:12 slope still needs double the underlying material to stave of rain from finding its way underneath the roof. When property owners re-roof, the slope, or pitch is hardly discussed and in fact may not be ideal for other types of roofing material, and leaks can become common because of this.

Age of the Roof

It’s true, roofing material such as metal roof sheets, wood and asphalt shingles eventually deteriorate and begin to leak. Re-roofing becomes the ideal solution when a roof begins to leak regularly due to its age. However, instead of replacing the same roofing material, property owners are choosing to use Terracotta and concrete tiles.

Switching to Terracotta and Concrete Tiles is A Wise Decision

Switching to Terracotta and concrete roofing tiles just makes sense once you consider that these eliminate the many common causes of leaky roofs of other lessor roofing materials. These are hardier, less likely to damage, require less maintenance, and do not age like other roofing materials.

If you want the best for your house, and you want to avoid most of the common causes of leaky roofs, then let Ajax Gregson show you their diverse selection of Tiles Terracotta and concrete roofing tiles.

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