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Advantages of Concrete and Terracotta Roof Tiles versus Metal RoofingNovember 18, 2015


There are various types of roofing materials that would count as excellent and ideal by anybody’s standards. With the amount of time that it has taken people to evolve from cave dwellings into the modern convenient homes of today, there have been a number of various roofing materials, each with their own distinct benefits, which have made living possible and comfortable.

Today, with the introduction of modern roofing materials, there seems to be no end to the sheer variety of options available to property owners. In spite of all of this, the innovations and modern options that ‘are’ available for most standard roofing varieties are sometimes eschewed in lieu of more ‘old fashioned’ choices. One of the most common choices, which present exactly this strange case of preference, involves the continued favour of concrete and terracotta roof tiles in lieu of metal roofing.

The choice may seem strange to people who are far too entrenched in the strongly urban or sub-urban lifestyle of today, but for individuals who have had their fair share of the country life, opting for tile roofing, whether made from concrete, terracotta, or even stone, is deemed a far better option than investing in metal roofing, irrespective of its durability or purported affordability.

People may argue that tile roofing is by and large pricier than the average metal roofing; however, there are certain advantages that concrete and terracotta roof tiles have that metal roofing simply cannot emulate.

The Advantages of Concrete Terracotta Roof Tiles versus Metal Ones

Noise-reduction – unlike metal roofing which has a tendency to make a ruckus during heavy rainfall, tile roofs are relatively quiet, making them ideal and far more superior to metal roofing.

Increased durability – because of their specialised nature and unique construction, concrete and terracotta tile roofs are marginally more durable than metal sheet roofing, and are able to withstand heavy winds and unforgiving weather for longer.

Aesthetic flexibility – terracotta and concrete roofing can be left ‘unglazed’, making them slightly porous, and allowing for the growth of algae or lichen which can add to the overall aesthetic quality of the roofing without compromising its structural integrity. Unlike metal roofing, which has a tendency to be limited when it comes to its aesthetic versatility, terracotta and concrete roofing has a broader selection of choices, making it ideal for people who hanker for variety.

If you’re looking for great concrete and terracotta roof tiles for your home, it is recommended you consult a roofing professional Victoria.

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