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A Quick Guide on How to Paint Your Roof TilesApril 28, 2023


Repainting and painting your roof is essential to preserving your home's aesthetic and structural integrity. But there are a few things you need to know about painting roof tiles before you buy a ladder and grab a brush or paint sprayer. This quick guide will cover the important aspects of roof painting. We'll explain why painting your roof tiles is important and how to paint a roof.  You must read this instruction if you're thinking about painting your roof tiles.

Why Is It Necessary to Paint and Repaint Your Roof?

Painting or repainting your roof is essential beyond just keeping your home's aesthetic appeal. Also, it's a fundamental form of maintenance that keeps the integrity of your roof tiles and shields them from the elements. When roof tiles deteriorate, they become more porous and more able to absorb moisture, promoting fretting and moss and algae development. The tiles will be sealed and shielded against weathering, stains, and additional harm with the help of a fresh coat of paint. In some cases, the colour of your roof tiles matters.

Steps on How to Paint Your Roof Tiles

  • Clean the Tiles - Although cleaning roof tiles thoroughly before painting can be difficult, it is worth the effort. When roof tiles aren't cleaned initially, they typically absorb a lot of paint, leaving an uneven finish and wasting paint. To clean roof tiles, you'll need to use a firm brush. After giving the tiles a good scrub, rinse them with a hose. You can paint the tiles after they have dried.
  • Assess the Condition of the Roof - It's important to check your roof and ensure it's in good shape before painting. Before you begin painting, any broken or missing tiles must be replaced. Tiles that are cracked cannot be fixed by painting over them; doing so will merely create an uneven surface.
  • Repoint the Roof - Your roof may need to be repointed if your roof capping is old and deteriorated. You can typically retain the original bedding and cap tiles in place on roofs. You should remove all cap tiles and use new tile bedding in cases where the original tile bedding has failed. Roof pointing can be difficult, so if you're unclear how to proceed, we suggest getting aid from roof tile experts.
  • Apply Primer Coat - A primer layer can help the paint adhere better and remain longer when painting roof tiles. Choosing a paint that can endure the task's demands is crucial because the roof is continuously exposed to the elements. A primer coat ensures that the paint has a smooth surface to adhere to and won't be able to seep through any cracks or gaps by acting as a barrier between the paint and the roof tiles and filling in any defects on the roof’s surface.
  • Apply Two or Three Thin Coats of Paint - Painting roof tiles are more difficult than simply painting a surface. Applying two or three thin coatings is necessary to get the best results. This guarantees that each tile is sufficiently covered and the paint will stick to the surface.
  • Let the Paint Dry Completely - You must wait for the paint to dry after painting the roof before using it or walking on it. Waiting at least 24 hours after painting the roof is the best approach to guarantee the paint has dried completely.

There you have it.  Easy steps for painting your roof to provide a lovely finish that will last for many years. Contact our helpful experts at Ajax Gregson Roofing today if you require assistance with anything concerning roof tiles. Call us immediately to discuss how we can assist you.

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