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Why is Sarking Recommended for Boral Tile Roofing?October 28, 2019


Boral Roofs is considered as Australia’s largest construction materials and building supplier. Consequently, many household have opted to avail of Boral Tile Roofing services. One of the membranes used in Boral tile roofing is known as Sarking. Sarking is a thin, non-flammable membrane that is installed under tiles to reflect radiant heat and provide a water and dust-proof barrier. Below are the reasons why Sarking is recommended for Boral tile roofing especially in the creation of a fall arrest.

Fall arrest is the form of fall protection which involves the safe stopping of a person already falling. It is one of several forms of fall protection. These forms include fall guarding and fall restraint.


Once Sarking is used, the fall arrest is installed within airspace of roof structures. Its production involves a specialised manufacturing process that laminates aluminium foil with a high-strength reinforcing polymer mesh. This guarantees a good cladding condition with high tensile strength and durability that ensures impact and flame resistance.

Energy Efficiency

A Sarking Fall Arrest greatly contributes to effective reductions in greenhouse gas emissions when used as an insulation agent in buildings. It provides great insulation for residential roofs.

Light Reflectivity

Sarking fall arrest assures a 40 percent increase in light reflectivity. Since it is an exposed internal roof lining, it is proven and tested to have a reflective emittance. The said emittance of reflective face constitutes 0.05 at a maximum.  Thus, it indicates that efficiencies in lighting loads are also evident. It is also said to conform to AS/NZS 4859.1-2002.to AS/NZS 4859.1-2002, otherwise known as the Australian/New Zealand Standard: Materials for the thermal insulation of buildings.

Protective Roof/Vapour Barrier

Boral Sarking Fall Arrest is said to be a very effective vapour barrier when sealed with recommended tapes. Its product specification shows that it has a high vapour and water barrier rating. The water vapour transmission of a Boral Sarking roof tile has a maximum of 2 (Ng/Ns). It can also provide with added protection against stormwater, condensation and wind is achieved in roof structures when applied under roof tiles.

Tensile Strength

Two directions are considered in measuring its tensile strength and edge tear resistance namely – machine and lateral. A Boral Sarking roof tiling has a tensile strength with machine direction of 13 kilo-newtons per metre (kN/M) at a minimum and a lateral direction of 10.5 kilo-newtons per metre (kN/M) at a minimum. However, its edge tear resistance machine and lateral direction both has a minimum of 90 (N) newtons.

Other Product Specifications

Aside from the abovementioned qualities, the use of Sarking in Boral roof tiling ensures a high wind load protection and a good acoustic performance agent. It is also considered a membrane that is extra heavy duty with a flammability index <5 of <5. Its R. Value is independently tested and endorsed. During winter, it rates at R1 (1.04) while it rates at R1.5 (1.45) during summer.

BCA, AS, and AS/NZS Compliance

Sarking Boral roof tiling also satisfies Building Code of Australia (BCA) specifications and requirements for Reflective Foil Laminates and BCA Part 3.7.1 Fire Hazard Properties. It also has a Low Flammability Index in accordance with AS 1530.2. Aside from that, it complies with AS/NZS 4040.4 Impact Resistance (Sandbag Test) and satisfies specifications and requirements of AS/NZS 4200.1 for ‘Pliable Building Membranes’ which is a manual recognised by the BCA Part 3.5 Roof and Cladding. Most importantly, it satisfies health and safety regulations.

For more information regarding the use of Sarking in Boral roof tiling, contact Ajax Gregson Roofing. With over 15 years of industry experience, it provides its customers with expert advice, quality workmanship and genuine customer service.

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