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Why Do Roof Tiles Crack?October 19, 2017


Maintaining a home’s roof should always be a priority. That is why many home owners ask questions when it comes time to make roof repairs, so they can better understand why damages happen in the first place, such as why roof tiles crack? Preventive maintenance is always the best course of action, but in regards to cracked roof tiles some causes are just unavoidable accidents.

The first thing to understand is that clay tiles and cement tiles are similar, but not the same, so the cause of roof tile cracks can differ. Regardless of the type of roof tiles you have on your home currently, replacing cracked or broken tiles as soon as possible is very important, that’s because water damage can cause some serious problems, such as mould development and wood rot.

It is not uncommon for older, untreated clay tiles to crack when they are in areas where it rains regularly, over time, moisture can penetrate into the pores of the clay tiles and then expand when the tile become hot from the sun and cracks occurs. Also, older clay tiles can become brittle over time from harsh weather such as freezing temperatures.

However, modern terracotta clay tiles are much stronger than older clay roof tiles, and their coating prevents moisture from penetrating its surface, making them very hardy and able to withstand even extreme temperatures, hail, strong gusts of wind, and even mould can’t grow on them.

Similar to terracotta roof tiles are Boral cement tiles, these are also very strong roof tiles, but even cement roof tiles can develop crack too. In fact, some things like accidents can’t be avoid sometimes.

Understanding the Causes of Roof Tile Cracks

Besides harsh weather, such as hail, strong gusts of wind, extreme heat, and freezing cold, there are other unexpected causes of roof tile cracks, here are few of them:

Foot traffic – one of the most common causes of roof tile cracks is when inexperienced people walk on the roof and unknowingly step on tiles in a way that cause them to crack. This is why only experienced tradespeople should have access to your roof when needed.

Fallen tree branches – if you have a tree growing next to your home, you may want to make sure that there are no branches hanging over your roof, that’s because old fallen tree branches are one of the main causes of roof damage.

Basically, any hard physical contact can crack or break roof tiles, and taking steps to protect your roof can ultimately save you a lot of money in repairing and replacing roof tiles.

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