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Use Boral Terracotta Roofing Tiles to Reduce External Noise Brought by Weather DisturbancesSeptember 4, 2019


There are various types of roofing material available throughout Australia. One of the most common roof types is metal roofing or steel roofs; the reason is that when compared to other types of roofing it is fairly inexpensive and easily installed. However, the problems people complain about with steel roofing is the external noise brought by weather disturbance.

External noises from outside a home can become a major distraction, such as traffic, music from neighbours, construction work, aircraft flying overhead, and noise brought on by weather, such as rain, wind, and thunder, have robbed many property owners from enjoying their well-deserved peace and quiet.

Noise caused by rain and hail falling on metal roofing, as well as strong winds and thunder, can be very loud and disturbing, especially metal roofing sheets are installed directly over an open roof frame without any insulation, which is typically the case for steel roofing on most secondary structures such as car ports and garages. However, even metal roofing that is installed over wood decking with some type of underlayment can make a lot of noise when heavy rain or hail hits it.

While metal roofs are known to make noise when it rains or hails, if you want to eliminate or reduce unwanted external noise brought by weather disturbances then the perfect solution is to use Boral terracotta roofing tiles on your home.

Reduce External Noise Brought by Weather Disturbances with Boral Terracotta Roofing Tiles

The type of roof you choose for your home can reduce outside noise from reaching the interior of your home, including noise brought by weather disturbances. Boral terracotta roofing tiles actually add effective soundproofing qualities to help limit and reduce unwanted noise from outside reaching the interior living spaces of homes.

Not all roofing materials have the same soundproofing qualities as Boral terracotta roof tiles. If you live in an area with persistent exterior noise, or noise caused by weather disturbances, and you want to reduce the amount of noise from reaching the inside of your house, then Boral terracotta roof tiles are guaranteed to help.

In fact, Boral terracotta roof tiles can reduce exterior noise by up to 30 decibels, compared to the best metal roofing that reduces only 12 decibels. So, if you are looking for a long-term solution to limit unwanted exterior noise cause by weather disturbances, traffic, aircraft flying overhead, construction work, or from neighbours playing loud music, then use Boral terracotta roof tiles.

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