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The Thermal and Acoustic Performance of Boral Roof TilesMarch 27, 2020


It is highly important that Boral roof tiles must perform in accordance with good trade practice. One of the reasons for such, is the fact that Boral roof tiles are considered one of the most common roof tiling products in Australia. To further promote constant and consistent improvement in both its material and usage, Boral roof tiles must uphold the highest standard of practice for a long lasting and attractive finish. Aside from that, there must also be a full range of products available and applicable to all areas at all times. One way of increasing the product usage and sales is by guaranteeing a good thermal and acoustic performance. Below is an analysis of the thermal and acoustic performance of Boral roof tiles.

Thermal Performance

Thermal performance, by definition, refers to how well a structure responds to changes in external temperature during the daily and seasonal cycles. Basically, as a homeowner you want your property to maintain a steady comfortable temperature inside while incurring as little energy costs as possible. This is often best achieved by first improving the thermal performance of the property by providing high levels of insulation on all surfaces and adopting passive solar techniques.

In a roof tile setup, thermal mass is to be significantly considered. It is the ability of a material to retain heat, which is an important aspect in most Australian climates. In Australian climates, there is a need to average out temperatures. High thermal mass materials such as clay and concrete, when used correctly, can result in advantageous heat transmission. Another consideration to performance is the proportion of solar energy the roof absorbs and reflects, due to the colour of the roof. Colours have limited impact on thermal performance when elements such as sarking, insulation and ventilation are incorporated.

Acoustic Performance

Sound and noise are the basic words for anything acoustic. Acoustic performance is an important factor in assessing the quality of a roof tile. All elements of the roof play a part in limiting noise, from the external cladding of tiles or metal sheeting, the foil sarking, the airspace above the ceiling, the insulation and the ceiling material. However, the most crucial single item is generally the external roofing material.

Typically, external noise penetrates a building through windows, doors, walls and to a lesser extent, the roof. Generally, the roof would be the least important path of noise transmission though in locations where there are busy roads, railways or aircraft noise the roof becomes an element to be considered. The density of roof tiles helps reduce typical external sounds, and has a sound reduction potential twice that of sheet metal roofing.

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