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The Importance of Using the Right Paint for Your Roof Tiles' Design and DurabilityJune 29, 2020


The installation of roof tiles for your roofing can provide you numerous helpful benefits. For one, they can boost and enhance the aesthetic appeal of your property because of their elegant appearance. Moreover, roof tiles can make your whole roofing structure last for a very long time as they are resistant to damages that are typically caused by moisture, corrosion, and other similar elements. They can also regulate the temperature of your property since roof tiles are known for being a great insulator.

While all these benefits are already present on tile roofing, you can still go beyond and further enhance their properties and qualities. One great enhancement that you can do with your roof tiles is to coat them with the right paint. The use of the right paint for your roof tiles can boost their overall design, finish, and even their durability due to the following reasons:

Resistance to Fading

Property owners, like you, can expect long-term cost savings with the right paint for your roof tiles since you do not have to recoat and clean them regularly. Instead, you can rely on the paint’s ability to resist and slow down fading and consequently prevent mildew, dirt, and dust from sticking on your roofing. These benefits of coating your roof tiles with the right paint can readily provide you great roof appearance without compromising your roof’s integrity and durability. 

Protective Elements

Coating your roof tiles with right paint can protect them from the effects of various weather and outdoor elements. Some elements like moisture, wind, rust, and others can accelerate the process of roof deterioration over time. Through the help of the components found on the paint, all the previously mentioned elements will be prevented from taking over and penetrating the surface or structure of your roof tiles. Any damaging effects to your roof tiles will be significantly minimised with the right type of paint.

Absorption of Heat

The use of the right paint for your roof tiles can also affect the ability of your roofing to absorb heat. When your tile roofing is coated with the right paint, you can expect a significant drop in its heat absorption. This drop only means that the temperature around your property will be regulated more properly. Given this benefit, your property is guaranteed to have lower temperatures during hotter days and vice versa. Besides, this same feature will tremendously help you reduce overall energy consumption.

For you to obtain all these underlying benefits, you must carefully match the paint coating to the specific material of the roof tiles. Fortunately, Regent Paints has a wide variety of paint options and finishes that caters to different types of roof tiles. Their paints, alongside other roofing products, are made from high-quality formulations and ingredients that can make roof tiles durable and appealing. If you want to know more about their products, just give us a call at Ajax Gregson Tiles.

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