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The Importance of Sealing and Waterproofing Terracotta Roof TilesOctober 6, 2017


Terracotta roofing tiles are a beautiful and traditional choice of roofing material that has a long and rich history of use. Favoured by many Mediterranean architects for its lightweight nature, rich and evolving colour spectrum, and its overall affordability, it was also found outside of the Mediterranean and likewise employed by Persians, Indians, and the Ancient Chinese.

Terracotta tiles are made from clay that contains various mineral deposits, which makes it either a rich, brick-red hue or a muted and mellow plum, and sometimes, even a vibrant pink depending on the mineral content of the soil used to make the tiles. Because it is made of unglazed clay, terracotta tiles are porous in nature, which makes it an ideal choice for tropical climates.

The tiny pores in the clay tile collect moisture from rains or evening dew, creating a thin layer of moisture that allows the tile to provide a natural cooling and ‘air-conditioning’ action during humid nights. While this may be highly sought-after in tropical and humid areas, those who opt for terracotta tiles in colder or very wet climates may find that it isn’t exactly the ideal choice if left uncoated or waterproofed.

Sealing your terracotta tiles is of paramount importance irrespective of wherever you may be, but even more so for areas that experience above-average humidity or constant rainfall and snow. There are a number of advantages to sealing and waterproofing terracotta tiles, of which these are but a few:

  • Longer-lasting tiles – moisture is the enemy of clay, and if clay roof tiles accumulates moisture within its pours, without sufficiently drying out, it can become mouldy and will eventually weaken and crumble over time. Sealing your terracotta tiles helps to prevent the accumulation of moisture, which in turn increases their lifespan.
  • Waterproof nature – sealing terracotta tiles allows them to hold up better against rainy weather by preventing leaks and moisture buildup. This likewise helps your home’s rafters and roofing frames to last longer.
  • Aesthetic bonus – sealing and water proofing your terracotta tiles with specialised roof paint and Flexi Point also improves their overall look, giving them a soft and gentle sheen that adds to its overall appeal that will not fade.

If you have clay terracotta on your roof, you can’t go wrong with waterproofing it, but if you have plans to reroof your home, then you can purchase pre-sealed and waterproofed Boral terracotta tiles from Ajax Gregsone Tiles – the most recognised tile roofing and re-roofing specialists in Melbourne.

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