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The Importance of Roof Profiling in Home Extension ProjectsSeptember 6, 2017


One goal with a home extension project is to ensure that the design of it complements the present structure in a favourable manner, and this includes the roof profile. Drainage is another key factor with the extension’s roof, which is highly influenced by its profile. For these reasons, you should be certain that you design the roof in the correct manner to achieve effective results. We offer further facts about what you should accomplish with the extension’s roof profile in the following details.

Match the Extension’s Roof Closely to That of the Main Structure

Consider the profile of the main structure’s roof when planning your extension to ensure that the roof for the extension is as similar to it whenever possible. By doing so, you keep the style of both the current house and new extension consistent. There are times and reasons that you will need to turn to a different profile, but be careful and make certain when this is the case that the extension’s roof complements the current structure’s roof in an ideal way and does not look out of place. For example, do not place a traditional roof profile on an extension when your house is modern.

Ensure That the Profile Offers Sufficient Drainage

Any roof profile for your extension should provide adequate drainage of water. This will help move the water off the roof and away from the extension in an efficient manner. Standing water next to the foundation of any part of the house can lead to early degradation of it and cause the house to lose structural integrity.

The Exterior of the House Should Be Aesthetically Pleasing

If you do not ensure that the profile of the extension is appealing to the eye, you can negatively affect the aesthetic appeal of the entire house. As a result, you may have difficulty selling it in the future if you so desire to in order to move elsewhere.

Maintain or Increase the Value of the House

When you select the ideal profile for your extension’s roof, you will help maintain or increase the value of the house. Of course, it also depends on the overall size and design of the extension.

For further facts about the importance of roof profiling in home extension projects, consult with Ajax Gregson Tiles Roofing. We will design a roof profile that is not only ideal for your extension, but also one that is complementary to the rest of the house. Our specialists will meet with you to see your house and extension plans before drawing up the plans for the extension’s roof. All of our products, materials and craftsmanship come with a guarantee.

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