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The Importance of Flexible Pointing for Boral Roof TilesFebruary 28, 2020


Pointing, as applied to roof tiles, is a thin layer of oxide coloured sand or cement. The ‘cement’ pointing was put together relying on the skill of the roofer and the thin layer had a good chance of sticking onto the bedding without cracking. Not long after, flexible pointing was introduced.

Flexible pointing is so much more advanced than the oxide cement pointing that exists on all old roofs. It sticks a lot better, has some flexibility against cracking – and is actually designed to be an alternative to mechanical anchoring of ridge capping onto the roof. It is pretty strong stuff that is very difficult to remove.

Indicated below is the importance of flexible pointing for Boral roof tiles.

Flexible Pointing Seals Overlapping Areas for Open-Ended Hip Roof Tiles

The roof’s ridge is the horizontal line where the planes of the roof meet at the peak. The hip is the area of slope line between two roof planes that meet at an angle. Most often, the hip and ridge roof tiles are exactly the same, unless the roof’s pitch varies in certain areas. Regardless of size, hip and ridge roof tiles are open at the ends, except for starter tiles which have an angled closed end typically forming a point.

During installation of Boral roof tiles, open ended hip roof tiles are mounted over the closed starter hip tiles covering the peek and slope lines of your roof. Hip and ridge roof tiles have pre-drilled holes that allow them to be anchored to your roof using either nails or screws that fasten into a wooden nailer or support stringer. Flexible Pointing adhesive is used to seal the area where each tile overlaps.

Flexible Pointing Weatherproofs Roof Tiles

Flexible Pointing is also used as a weather block between cut field tile roofing and the stringer for the hip, it prevents wind and driven rain from reaching behind roofing tiles.

Flexible Pointing Retains Post-Cure Flexibility

Unlike traditional cement mortar pointing that can crack or break, Flexible Pointing is the preferred adhesive because it retains a post-cure flexibility that allows it to ‘flex’ with the roof movements without breaking or cracking.

Flexible Pointing Guarantees Quality

Made in Australia, Flexible Pointing tile roofing adhesive is ideal for new roofs and roof repair work. It comes with a 10 year product warranty and is available in range of heritage colours that match Boral concrete and terracotta roof tiles. If you are a builder or contractor, it should be your proffered fastener for ridge and hip tiles.

Acquire your flexible pointing for Boral roof tiles from Ajax Gregson Tiles Roofing. Our pre-installation inspection is always carried out to ensure you’re roofing project is done right from the start. We also provide a colour studio so that you can complete your external colour selections.

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